About Indiana Theory Review

Indiana Theory Review is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal publishing articles and reviews covering all facets of music theory and analysis. It is produced by the graduate students of the Department of Music Theory at the Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, Bloomington.

We believe ITR (founded in 1977) to be the oldest student-produced music journal currently in existence.

In its more than three decades of operation, ITR has established itself as an important venue for scholarly music-theoretical discourse, and has provided an opportunity for publication to both established and emerging theorists. ITR’s list of eminent contributors includes, among many others:
Kofi Agawu, Byron Almén, Ian Bent, Thomas Christensen, Richard Cohn, William Drabkin, David Gagné, Robert Hatten, Jonathan Kramer, Michael Klein, Lawrence Kramer, Harald Krebs, Thomas Mathiesen, Susan McClary, Patrick McCreless, Severine Neff, Lewis Rowell, Martin Scherzinger, Eero Tarasti, Mary Wennerstrom

All submitted articles are subject to a rigorous process of double-blind peer review. Occasionally, commissioned contributions from eminent scholars are not reviewed.

Indiana Theory Review is the official publication of Indiana University’s Graduate Theory Association.

Correspondence address:

Editor, Indiana Theory Review
Jacobs School of Music
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana 47405

You may also contact the editor via email at itreview@indiana.edu