Master of Music (M.M.)

Applicants must submit a screening portfolio of primarily electronic compositions (scores/recordings/videos) and a complete list of compositions and dates.

Applicants should upload:

1. three to four electronic works and one solely acoustic composition (recordings and, when applicable, pdf scores and/or patches, programs, program notes, etc.). Electronic compositions can include fixed-media audio, video with audio soundtrack, fixed or interactive audio/video with live instruments. For multichannel works, please submit a stereo mixdown, and in addition, a multichannel zipped archive of the same work with the channels clearly labeled (L_Front, L_Rear, etc.). For video works, it is recommended that you provide a video hosting service link, such as YouTube or Vimeo, rather than uploading the video itself; and

2. a chronological list of completed compositions, including date of compositions, instrumentation, duration, and any performances.

Application materials must be received by December 1. After a review of submitted scores and recordings by the composition faculty, a limited number of applicants will be invited to interview on the Bloomington campus during the audition/interview weekends. Those invited to interview should be prepared for a brief ear-training examination (identification of intervals, triads, etc.).

*Please Note: Applicants who are required to submit pre-screening will submit their letters of recommendation to Acceptd.

Applicants with strong music theory skills are encouraged to schedule an interview for a music theory assistantship with the Office of Music Admissions. Please read the important qualifying information regarding music theory AI auditions for more details.

International Applicants

Applicants from Asia, Europe, South America, etc. who are invited to interview are welcome to travel to Bloomington, but we can also offer the possibility of conducting the interview over Skype.