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Office Location
East Studio Building 120 (JS 120)
205 S. Jordan Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405

Mailing Address
1201 E. 3rd Street
Bloomington, IN 47405

Hours: 8 am–12 pm, 1–5 pm
Phone: 812-855-1738Phone

E-mail: musgrad [at] indiana [dot] edu

musicdgs [at] indiana [dot] edu (Eric Isaacson), Director 
serbes [at] indiana [dot] edu (Sara Erbes), Advisor
anmiller [at] indiana [dot] edu (Angie Miller), Recorder
musgrad [at] indiana [dot] edu (Victoria Wheeler), Secretary
musdoc [at] indiana [dot] edu (Janis Cooper Parker), Doctoral Clerk

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Enrollment Policies for Doctoral Students

Minimum semester course loads

In any semester in which a doctoral student chooses to register, the following minimum course loads apply:

Students enrolled in the doctoral program must usually register in a minimum of 8 credit hours in the fall or spring semesters. There is no minimum enrollment for the summer term.

With permission from the director of graduate studies, doctoral students who have not reached their final semester of coursework may be permitted to enroll part-time for a maximum of two semesters. This policy is intended to allow students who, for reasons of financial hardship, would otherwise need to take a year off to continue making some degree progress. Students enrolling part-time under this provision may not enroll in individual study with a faculty member (e.g., lessons or chamber music). Note that in this scenario ensemble participation is NOT required of part-time students (for those doctoral degrees that usually require ensemble enrollment).

Important note: Certain categories of students may not be able to enroll part-time under this policy. These include students whose financial aid requires full-time enrollment, and international students who must enroll full-time to retain their visa status. Enrolling part-time may also affect a student's eligibility to participate in their parents' insurance plans and to defer student loans. Students are encouraged to consult with appropriate campus offices.

Doctoral students who have fewer than 8 credit hours remaining for their degree may enroll for those hours only in the fall or spring.

Doctoral students who are done with coursework

The Jacobs School of Music does not require doctoral students to register while they are preparing for or taking qualifying exams, but they may register then if they wish. If you register in one or more credit hours the Music Graduate Office will consider you to be full-time, meeting the academic requirement. But if you need full-time status for any other reason (student loans, health insurance, financial aid, etc.), then you need to contact the offices in charge of those matters to find out what they consider full-time enrollment.

International students in the doctoral program

International doctoral students who have completed their course work, have applied to begin qualifying exams, and who wish to stay in the United States on student visas must be continuously registered during the fall and spring semesters.

To meet this requirement, international doctoral students who have completed their course work and who have applied to begin qualifying exams may enroll in a 0-credit course, MUS-G 601, for up to two semesters. This will keep your immigration documents "in status" while you are working on exams. If the qualifying exam process takes more than two semesters, students needing more time will need to register in at least one hour of final project, piano essay, or dissertation credits to maintain their status.

MUS-G 601 applies to student immigration status only. It does not grant full-time status and can not be used in relation to Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or financial aid. Please contact the Office of International Services for more details.

Doctoral candidates

After successful completion of all doctoral qualifying exams, the student is admitted to candidacy.

After admission to candidacy, students must enroll full-time each fall and spring semester until graduation. Students must enroll in coursework, dissertation or final project credit, or MUS-G 901 Advanced Research in order to maintain their candidacy.  Candidates who will graduate in August must enroll in the preceding summer session. 

MUS-G 901 Advanced Research costs approximately $150 each semester. Note that students must have completed all qualifying examinations and reached candidacy BEFORE they are eligible to enroll in MUS-G 901.  MUS-G 901 is not offered in the summer.  It is strongly recommended that students register in all required final project/dissertation/piano essay and/or recital credits prior to enrolling in MUS-G 901 since those credit hours are required for graduation.  MUS-G 901 does not fulfill any degree requirements or replace any other credit hours in the degree requirements.

MUS-G 901 is LIMITED TO SIX ENROLLMENTS. After six semesters, students must enroll in one document credit each semester to maintain candidacy.

Candidacy is valid for a maximum of 7 years from the date on which the student passes the oral qualifying exam. Students must complete all degree requirements and graduate within 7 years of that oral qualifying exam date.

Summer registration is not required for DM or DME students unless they plan to graduate in August. Summer registration is also not required for Ph.D. students unless they plan to graduate in June, July or August (through the University Graduate School). Please note that MUS-G 901 enrollment is not available during summer sessions; if you must graduate in the summer, you need to enroll in coursework or a dissertation, piano essay, or final project credit during that summer session.

It is the student's responsibility to contact the Music Graduate Office each semester about registration before the late registration deadlines. Late registration begins the week before classes commence each semester.

It is essential that students update any address changes to OneStart during candidacy.

Candidate registration

For all candidates, the registration program planning sheet is available online. Once you submit the form, you will receive an e-mail with confirmation of your eligibility to register and registration instructions.

Please keep your mailing address updated on OneStart.  

Full-time enrollment confirmation

If you need confirmation that you are enrolled as a full-time student (for insurance, housing, loan deferment, etc), then you should use the Office of the Registrar's Enrollment Verification Service. This service is free.