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More Information

Keyboard Proficiency

Proficiencies more than 10 years old must be revalidated. Proficiencies must also be revalidated for students beginning a second degree more than 10 years after beginning a first.

Doctoral students must complete all proficiencies by the end of their fifth semester of enrollment.

All music graduate master's and doctoral degree students must pass a keyboard proficiency examination. Most students will take the examination on piano. Early music majors may take the examination on the harpsichord or lute, guitar majors on the guitar, organ majors on the organ, and harp majors on the harp. Jazz majors take a departmentally administered exam. Part of the exam for music theory majors is departmentally administered. The keyboard proficiency exam for all other students is administered by the secondary piano program.

The keyboard proficiency requirement is designed to ensure the student's ability to use the keyboard as a tool within the framework of professional activities. Accordingly, the requirements vary according to level and area of music study. Entering students whose proficiency requirement are administered by the secondary piano program play a keyboard placement hearing during the orientation period. Students who achieve a superior level at this hearing will satisfy the proficiency requirement.

Keyboard proficiency examinations are normally offered in the latter part of each semester or in the JSoM summer session. For details, see the secondary piano coordinator or the departmental chairpersons (for early music, guitar, harp, jazz studies, music theory, and organ). More details, including this semester's schedule and the specific requirements for each degree, are available here.

Information about the jazz keyboard proficiency (for jazz majors only) is here for jazz major pianists and here for non-pianist jazz majors.

When keyboard proficiency requirements are identical for two degrees, a student seeking both degrees need not repeat the keyboard proficiency examination if it has been passed for one of the degrees. Students who fail the keyboard proficiency examination may register, with the advice of the secondary piano coordinator or the chairperson, for appropriate courses to assist in developing the required skills.

The keyboard proficiency exam may be repeated if the student does not pass. It is strongly suggested that all students take the keyboard proficiency exam in their first semester so that, if it is necessary to repeat the exam, the student has multiple opportunities to retake the exam before the end of their coursework.