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More Information

Music Minor for
Non-Music Majors

Application (Online)

To declare a music minor, you must complete a minor form online at the link above.  You must have a declared major in another school (not in University Division) in order to apply.


20 credits hours, of which at least 15, including a minimum of one core course, must be taken on the Bloomington campus. A grade of C- or better is required in all courses.

  • Core, 6 credit hours -- one of the following combinations: MUS Z111 and Z101; T109 and T151; T109 and Z101; T151 alone (with an additional course in electives) or a combination of higher MUS-Z theory classes  (MUS-T109 credit may be earned by completion of Music Fundamentals Online
  • Ensemble, 2 credit hours -- 2 semesters of X1 (non-major ensemble);  AAAD-A110 African American Choral Ensemble (2 cr.), or by audition 1 semester (2 cr.) of X40 Instrumental Ensemble, X70 Choral Ensemble, X30 Ballet Ensemble, X50 Marching Hundred, X60 Early Music ensemble, AAAD-A120 Soul Revue; or Z100 The Live Musical Experience; or Z161 Steel Drumming or Z162 Hand Drumming or Z130 Musical Performance Contexts (3 cr.).
  • Music Electives, 12 credit hours.  Typically MUS-Z courses.  A maximum of 3 credit hours in elective performance study (Z110, L101, L102, L121, L122, P110, P120) are counted. No credit hours may be in ensemble. At least 9 credit hours must be at the 300 level or higher.

     For the full list of MUS-Z courses, see

Non music major opportunities

Private Lessons

Any student may register for non-major lessons on an instrument. The course number is MUS Z110, listed by instrument/voice section for 2 credit hours. You will be notified by email of your teacher assignment during the first week of classes.


Any student may register for the all campus ensembles (X1) for 1 credit hour. These ensembles rehearse one or two evenings per week and do not require an audition. If you wish to audition for a major ensemble (X*0), contact the following offices for audition information.

  • Band Department-812-855-1372
    Marching Hundred, Concert bands
  • Choral Office-812-855-0427
    Singing Hoosiers, International Vocal Ensemble, various choirs
  • Early Music Ensembles-812-855-4088
  • Instrumental Office-812-855-9804
    Jazz Bands, Orchestras