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Elliott Bark; DM 2013; email:;

Ryan Chase,  MM 2010; e-mail:;

Brian Ciach, DM 2011; Assistant Professor in Music Theory, Composition, and Electronic Music at Murray State University; e-mail:; web:

Chia-Ying Chiang, DM 2011; Assistant Professor of Composition & Theory at Taipei Municipal University of Education; email:

Brendan Faegre, MM 2010; e-mail:;

David Farrell, DM 2010; Music Theory faculty, Sam Houston State University; web:

Joshua Groffman; DM 2012; email:; web:

Adam Haws, DM 2010, MM 2007; web:

Chappell Kingsland, MM 2010; DM 2013
e-mail:; web:

Tonia Ko, MM 2012

Bin Li, BM 2012; email:; website:

Gabriel Lubell, DM 2013, email:; web:

KyungA Min, DM 2011

Clint Needham, DM 2010; Composer in Residence/Assistant Professor of Music in Composition, Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music, Cleveland, OH; e-mail:; web: 

Edward Niedermaier, DM 2010; Assistant Professor of Core Music Studies,  Roosevelt University; web:

Kaitlyn Ratermann, BM2012

Michael Sweeney, MM 2010

Hiroyuki Sakurai, MM 2010

Jacob Shrum, BM2012

Jonathan Sokol, DM 2011; Lecturer in Music Composition, Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music, Cleveland, OH; e-mail:; web:

Natalie Williams, DM 2012; Visiting Assistant Professor in Composition and Music Theory for 2012-13 at the Hugh Hodgson School of Music at the University of Georgia; email:; web:


Sang Mi Ahn, MM 2008

Nikolas Allen, MM 2008

Iddo Aharony, MM 2007; Composer; email:

Jason Bahr, DM 2003, MM 1999; Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition at Florida Gulf Coast University; e-mail:; web:

Elliott Bark, MM 2009; web:

Daniel Bradshaw, DM 2006; Assistant Professor of Music, Brigham Young University, Hawaii; web:

Robert Bennett, MM 2000; Hollywood film composer; e-mail:; web:

Mark Buntag, MM 2001

Garrett Byrnes, DM 2005; web:

Dorothy Chang, DM 2000; Assistant Professor of Music, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC; e-mail:; web:

Bryan Christian, BM 2007; Fulbright Scholar at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT), Estonia, 2008-09; MA EAMT, 2009; MA, UC San Diego, 2010; Ph.D. student, Duke University, 2010-present; email:; web:

Dana Collins, DM 2002; Associate Professor of Music, Taylor University, Fort Wayne, IN; e-mail:; web: 

Christopher Cook, DM 2006, MM 1989; Adjunct professor of Composition and Music Technology, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Virginia; e-mail:;

Juan Cuellar, DM 2004, MM 1999; Dean of the School of Arts, Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia; e-mail:; web:

David Cutler, DM 2003; Associate Professor of Musicianship, Duquesne University School of Music, Pittsburgh; email:; web:

Alexander DeVaron, MM 2000; e-mail:; web:

Andrew Dionne, DM 2003, MM 1999; Associate Pastor at Christ the Word Presbyterian Church in Toledo; e-mail:; web:

Gerardo Dirié, DM 2000, MM 1990; Head of Music Studies at the Queensland Conservatorium in Brisbane, Australia; e-mail:; web:

Alexandre Eisenberg, DM 2006; Adjunct Professor of Music, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil; email:

Andrew Estel, DM 2009; web:

Ken Froelich, DM 2004, MM 2001; Assistant Professor of Music Composition, California State University, Fresno, CA; e-mail:; web:

Stacy Garrop, DM 2000; Associate Professor of Composition at the Chicago College of the Performing Arts at Roosevelt University;
e-mail:; web:

John Glover, BM 2005

Mikolaj Gorecki, DM 2000

Jonathan Graybill, MM 2009; web:

Joni Greene, MM 2009; web:

Joshua Groffman, MM 2009; web:

Eric Guinivan, BM 2006, Assistant Professor of Composition at James Madison University, Virginia; web:

Bruce Hamilton, DM 2000, MM 1994, BM 1989; Associate Professor of Music, Director of WWEAMS, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA; e-mail:; web:

Jason Haney, DM 2004, MM 1994. Associate Professor of Music Theory and Piano, James Madison University School of Music; email:; web:

N. Lincoln Hanks, DM 2000, MM 1995; Associate Professor of Music, Pepperdine University; e-mail:; web:

Marian L. Harrison, DM 2007, Lecturer of Composition & Theory,  Spelman College (Atlanta, GA); e-mail:; web:

Rafael Hernandez, DM 2005; Assistant Professor of Music, California State University, East Bay; e-mail:; web:

Daniel Highman, DM 2008; web:

James Holt, DM 2007, MM 2002; web:

Benjamin Jacob, MM 2008; web:

Austin Jaquith, DM 2009; Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition, Cedarville University, Cedarville, OH; web:

Michael Johanson, DM 2004, MM 199; Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Composition at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon; Artistic Director of Friends of Rain; Co-founder of Northwest Music Academy; e-mail:; web:

David Johnson, DM 2004; Instructor, University of Puget Sound, Seattle; e-mail:; web:

Derek Johnson, DM 2007, MM 2005; Instructor of Music Theory, Ball State University, Muncie, IN; e-mail:

Choon-Hee Jang, DM 2009

Bum Ki Kim, DM 2007; e-mail:

Martin Kennedy, MM 2002, BM 2000; DMA, Julliard, 2005; Assistant Professor of Composition, Washington University, St. Louis, MO; email:; web:

Eric Knechtges, DM 2008; Lecturer, Interim Coordinator, Music Theory & Composition, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY; email:; web:

Laura Kramer, MM 2008; DM student, University of Southern California Thorton School of Music. email:, web:

Anthony Lanman, DM 2008, MM 2007; Adjunct Professor, Indiana State University; e-mail: ; web:

Christopher Lee, MM 2003; Instructor of composition, music theory and percussion, Beck Center for the Arts, Lakewood, OH; email:; web:

Kang-Gyu Lee, DM 2009; assistant professor at the Sang Myeong University in Seoul; email:

Gi N Lee, DM 2004

Keun-Hyoung Lee, DM 2002; email:

Daniel Levin, MM 2006, BM 2004; e-mail:;

Gabriel Lubell, MM 2009

Ting Yi Ma, DM 2003, MM 1999; Assistant Professor of Music, Tainan Women's College of Art and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan

Shawn McClain, MM 2001; Technical Consultant, Coda Music/Finale

Martin McClellan, DM 2009; web:

Justin Merritt, DM 2003, MM 1999; Associate Professor of Music, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN; email:; web:

Justin Messina, BM 2002; student at Julliard

Jose Mariano Morales-Matos, DM 2008, MM 1990

Chris Myers, MM 2007

David Nalesnik, DM 2009

Eric Nathan, MM 2008; DMA, Cornell University, 2012; email:; web:

Douglas Opel, DM 2002; Composer; email:; web:

Tom Osborne, BM 2000; Assistant Professor of Composition and Theory at the UH Manoa, Director of the Contemporary Music Ensemble; e-mail:; web:

Petros Ovsepyan, DM 2002, MM 199; Composer; web:

Yoomi Paick, DM 2008; Adjunct faculty at Tennessee Tech University; email:

Lucia Patino, DM 2008

Catharina Maria Palmer, DM 2006

Robert Paterson, MM 2001; web:; Artistic Director, American Modern Ensemble

Matthew Peterson, MM 2008; composer, Fulbright  Scholar at Gotlandstonsättarskola, Sweden 08-09; email:; web:

Ileana Perez-Velazquez, DM 2000; Assistant Professor of Music Composition and Music Technology, Williams College, Williamstown, MA; e-mail:; web:

Stephen Posegate, MM 2000; Assistant Professor of Music and Conductor of the Symphonic Band, Trinity College, Trinity International University, Deerfield, IL; e-mail:

Christopher Renk, MM 2009; web:

C. Winton Reynolds, DM 2000, MM 1994; Freelance pianist/keyboardist and session musician; web:

David Schneider, DM 2008, MM 2004; Adjunct Professor, Music Theory & Composition, Northern Kentucky University; email:; web:

Joseph Sheehan, DM 2008; email:; web:

Sean Shepherd, BM, 2002; DMA student at Cornell University; e-mail:; web:

Abigail Shupe, BM 2007; email:

Steven Snethkamp, MM 2009; web:

Lesley Sommer, DM 2001, MM 1992; Associate Professor of Music, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA; email:; web:

John Supko, BM 2002; Assistant Professor of Composition, Duke University; email:; web:

Rob Teehan, MM 2007; email:; web:

Neil Thornock, DM 2006; Assistant Projessor of Music Composition and Theory, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT; e-mail:; web:

Matt Van Brink, BM 2000, Piano faculty and composer, Concordia Conservatory, Bronxville, NY; email:; web:

David Werfelmann, MM 2009

Beom-Seok Yoo, DM 2006; MM 1999; Invited Professor of Sangmyung University, Seoul, Korea; e-mail:

In-Sil Yoo , DM 2003; Assistant Professor of Music, Saint Lawrence College, Canton, NY; e-mail:

Mischa Zupko, DM 2003; MM 1998; Composer;
e-mail:; web:



James Aikman, DM 1993, MM 1988; Lecturer of Composition, University of Michigan School of Music, Ann Arbor, MI; e-mail:; web:

Cary Boyce, DM 1993; e-mail:; web:

Sara Buchanan, MM 1992

Peter Capelle, MM 1995; Head Musical Director, Broadway Babies, NY; web:

Katrina Cessna, MM 1991; Music Director and Conductor, Kankakee Valley Youth Symphony, Kankakee, IL; web:

Sansan Chien, DM 1997; Assistant Professor, music theory and composition, Kaohsiung National Normal University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (1997 - 2011)

Cindy Cox, DM 1992, MM 1988; Professor of Music, University of California at Berkeley; e-mail:; web:

Frank Cox, BM; teaches Theory and Cello at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County; web:

Emily Doolittle, MM 1999; Associate Professor of Composition at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle; e-mail:; web:

David Dzubay, DM 1991, MM 1988, BS 1986; Professor of Music Composition, Director, New Music Ensemble, Chair, Composition Department, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music; e-mail:; web:

John Ferguson, DM minor; e-mail:

Keith Fitch, DM 1995, MM1992; Head, Composition Department, Vincent K. and Edith H. Smith Chair in Composition, Director, CIM New Music Ensemble, Cleveland Institute of Music, OH ; e-mail:; web:

Stefan Freund, BM; Assistant Professor of Composition and Music Theory, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO; e-mail:

Lynn Gumert, DM 1998, MM 199; Music and Artistic Director, Zorzal Music Ensemble, Highland Park Recorder Society; web:

Joseph Hebert, MM 1995

Patrick Heilman, MM 1995, BM; Audio and Video Director, Sunshine Amalgamedia Inc., web:

Daniel Henkin, MM 199

David Heuser, DM 1995, MM 1991; Associate Professor of Music Theory, Composition and Electronic Music, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX; e-mail:; web:

Andy Hollinden, MM 1993, BM 1988; teaches courses at Indiana University in the history of rock music of the 70's & 80's, the music of Frank Zappa, and the music of Jimi Hendrix; e-mail:; web:

David Jones, DM 1995; Assistant Professor, Peninsula College, Port Angeles, WA (jazz ensemble, music appreciation, composition, piano); email:

Andrey Kasparov, DM 1999; Assistant Professor of Music, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA; e-mail:

Nancy Kho, BM; faculty, Pacific School of Music & the ARTS; e-mail:

Jeeyoung Kim, MM 1995; e-mail:; web:

Joseph Klein, DM 1991; Distinguished Professor of Music, Chair of Composition Studies, University of North Texas College of Music, Denton, TX; e-mail:; web:

Bill Kleinsasser, DM 1991, MM 1988; Professor of Music, Director of the New Music Ensemble, Towson University Department of Music, Baltimore, MD; e-mail:; web:

Christina Kuzmych, DM 1991; Station Manager, WFIU Radio and Television Center, Bloomington, IN; e-mail:

Teresa LeVelle, DM 1997; Associate Professor of Music, Whittier College, Whittier, CA; e-mail:; web:

Jon Liechty, MM 1996; web:

June-Hee Lim, DM 1998, MM 1986; e-mail: teaches composition and theory at Yonsei University, Korea; e-mail:; web:

Jiesun Lim, DM 1990, MM 1984; teaches composition and theory at Yonsei University, Korea; e-mail:; web:

Wai Kwan Ma, MM 1992

Robert M Manthey, BM 1999; email:

Till MacIvor Meyn, MM 1996; Associate Professor of Theory & Composition, Texas Christian University School of Music, Fort Worth, TX; e-mail:; web:

Anthony Moore, DM 1999, MM 1996

Peter C. Mowrey, DM 1995; Associate Professor of Music, Chairperson, Music Department, The College of Wooster, OH; e-mail:;

Brian Ogle, MM 1994

Moon Oh, MM 1992

Paul Osterfield, MM 1996; Professor of Music Composition and Theory, Middle Tennessee State University School of Music; e-mail:; web:

Robert Paterson, MM; Guest Faculty, Sarah Lawrence College, Artistic Director, American Modern Ensemble, New York, NY; web:

John Paul, DM 1995, MM 1983; Chair of Music Department, Marylhurst University, Oregon; e-mail:

Robert W. Peck, DM 1995, MM 1988; Professor of Music Theory, Louisiana State University School of Music; email:

Forrest Pierce, DM 1999; Assistant Professor, Lewis & Clark College Music Department, Portland, OR; e-mail:; web:

William Pruett, DM 1998; Adjunct Professor of Music, Campbell University, North Carolina; e-mail:

Robert Reno, DM 1997, MM 1988; web:

Lewis Rosengarten, DM 1991; Lecturer in Liberal Studies, Associate Director, Higher Education Opportunity Program, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY; e-mail:; web:

Marjorie Rusche, DM 1996; music faculty, Indiana University South Bend, University of Notre Dame; e-mail:; web:

Christopher Rutkowski, DM 1997, Clinical Asst. Prof, Sweetwater Endowed Chair in Music Technology, Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne;
email:; web:

Marc Satterwhite, DM 1991, MM 1984; Professor of Composition and Music Theory; Director of the Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition, University of Louisville School of Music; e-mail:; web:

Paul SanGregory, DM 1994; Associate Professor and coordinator of the Theory and Composition studies in the Music Department at National Kaohsiung Normal University, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan;; web:

J. Mark Scearce, DM 1993, MM 1986; Director, Music Department, NC State University; e-mail:; web:

Heather Schmidt, DM 1996, MM 1995; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Southern Methodist University, teaches composition and piano, Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto; e-mail:; web:

Andrew Simpson, DM 1995; Associate Professor, Chair, Division of Theory-Composition, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC; e-mail:; web:

Eric Simonson, MM 1990; Music Professor, Danville Area Community College, IL; e-mail:; web:

Bertolt Sobolik, MM 1994; Director of Research, Capital IQ

Donald Scott Stinson, MM 199; Lecturer, Department of Theory and Composition, University of Miami Frost School of Music; e-mail:

Sherene Strausberg, BM 1999; film composer; email:; web:

Evelyn Stroobach, MM 1995; composer whose works have been performed in Canada, United States, Europe and Asia and whose works have been broadcasted around the world via radio; teaches piano, theory, harmony and ear training, Royal Conservatory of Music, University of Toronto; email:; web:;

Kotoka Suzuki, BM, 1994; Assistant Professor of Music, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL; email:; web:

Alphonso Tenreiro, DM studies, MM 1989, BM 1987; e-mail:; web:

Armando Tranquilino, DM 1997, MM 1989; Adjunct Professor, theory, School of Music, Florida International University, FL;

Chia-Jung Tsai, MM 1995

Eric Walters, MM 1995; Orchestra Director, Rio Rancho High School, tenured member, Santa Fe Symphony, Albuquerque, NM; e-mail:; web:

Issac Watras, MM 1998; Composer, Director, Contemporary Performer's Workshop, Principal Cellist, Springfield Symphony Orchestra, Music Teacher, St. Aloysius Gonzaga School, Cincinnati, OH

Dawn Williams, MM 1994; web:

Douglas Williams, MM 1996

Mark Williams, MM 1994

Jeffrey Young , DM 1990



Efraín Amaya, BM 1985; Artist Lecturer, Resident Conductor, Carnegie Mellon University School of Music, Music Director, Conductor, Greensburg American Opera, Founder, Music Director, The Point Chamber Orchestra; e-mail:; web:

Tetsuo Amemiya, MM 1987

Margaret Brouwer, DM 1988; Vincent K. and Edith H. Smith Chair in Composition, Head, Composition Department, Cleveland Institute of Music, Director, CIM New Music Ensemble; e-mail: web:

David Canfield, DM 1983, MM 1977; Owner of Ars Antiqua On-line Classical Vinyl Record Store; e-mail:; web:

Thomas Carto, DM 1988, MM 1982; Part-Time Assistant Professor of Music, Ohio Wesleyan University; e-mail:

Chan Ka Nin, DM 1983, MM; Professor of Composition, University of Toronto Faculty of Music; 
email:; web:

Chan Ngoc Le, MM 1985

Mary Chongson, MM 1987

William Crowle, DM 1988, MM 1981

Nickitas Demos, MM 1989; Professor of Composition & Coordinator of Composition Studies at Georgia State University School of Music, Founder, Artistic Director, neoPhonia New Music Ensemble; e-mail:;

Don Diekneite, DM 1986, MM 1982; Senior Staff Composer, Midway Games (formerly Atari), Milpitas, CA; web:

David Dolatowski, MM 1981; Part-time Associate Professor at Northcentral University, Prescott, AZ, Minister of Music, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Prescott, AZ

Adrienne Elisha, MM 1988; Composer and Solo vilolist specializing in contemporary music. Composer: Ph.D. (2007) and Presidential Fellow in Composition from The University of Buffalo,  Winner of the 2007 Thayer Award in Composition and 2009 composer residency, nominated by Peter Eotvos, Herrenhaus-Edenkoben, Germany., Composer; Visiting Professor of Composition, Vassar College, 2008; e-mail:

Glenn Gass, DM 1985, MM 1981; Professor of Music, Indiana University; e-mail:; web:

Feliu Gasull Altisent; MM 1988; e-mail:; web:

Robert Gorzegno, MM 1984

Marshall Griffith, DM 1986; Theory Faculty, Cleveland Institute of Music; e-mail:

Jeffrey Hass, DM 1989; Professor of Music, Director, IU Center for Electronic and Computer Music, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, Bloomington; e-mail:; web:

Eric Heckard, MM 1987

Donald Henriques, MM 1985; Guitarist/composer, faculty, Humboldt State University in Arcata, California

Dave Hollinden, BM 1986; composer; Ann Arbor, MI; email:; web:

Susan Hurley, DM 1988; Los Angeles-based concert and film music composer; web:

Lee Johnson, MM 1989; Fuller E. Callaway Associate Professor of Music, LaGrange College; e-mail:; web:

Song Na Kim, MM 1988

Gairy Knight, MM 1989

John Koll, MM 1988

Hillary Kruh, MM 1988

Jason Lautar, MM 1984; Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Weekend On-Air Host of WLRN, Miami.

Lim Meekyoung, MM 1986

Liu Dun-Nan, MM 1986

Ricardo Lorenz, MM 1987; Associate Professor of Composition, Michigan State University College of Music; e-mail:; web:

John Lowrie, MM 1986

Marianella Machado, MM 1986; Assistant Professor of Spanish, Department of Foreign Languages and Humanities, Eastern Kentucky University; e-mail:; web:

Judith Martin, MM 1980

John Maryn, MM 1980

Edward McIrvine, DM 1984, MM 1979

Dennis Meckler, MM 1984

John Mikel, MM 1986

Richard Nelson, MM 1988; Associate Professor, University of Maine, Augusta, Active Guitarist/Composer; e-mail:;

Mark Palmieri, MM 1983

Young Eun Paick, MM 1982

Ada Pelleg, MM 1988; Music Director and Conductor, Haifa Music Center; web:

Randolph Peters, DM 1987, MM 198?; e-mail:; web:

Deborah Phelps, MM 1985

Mark Phillips, DM 1986, MM 1980. Distinguished Professor of Music, Ohio University, Athens, OH; e-mail:; webpage:

Daniel Powers, MM 1987; composer in residence and Librarian with the Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra; web:

Michael Roberts, MM 1986

Miguel Roig-Francoli, Ph.D., Music Theory, 1990, MM 1984, Professor of Music Theory, University of Cincinnati College Conservatory; e-mail:; web:

C. Bryan Rulon, MM 1982; e-mail:; web:

Diana Scharenberg, MM 198

Michael J. Schumacher, BM 1982; Adjunct Faculty, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, Composer, Performer and Installation Artist; e-mail:; web:

Gary Schneider, MM 1981; Founder, Music Director, and Principal Conductor of the Hoboken Chamber Orchestra. web:

Douglas Scott, MM 1984

Sandra Sprecher, MM 198

Konrad Strauss, MM 1989; Associate Professor of Music, Chair, Department of Recording Artss, Indiana University, Bloomington; e-mail:; web:

Stephen Suber, DM 1982; Professor of Music, Composition and Theory, Southeastern Louisiana University; e-mail:; web:

David Thomas, MM 1987

Benjamin Tucker, MM 1989

David Vayo, MM 1982, BM; Professor of Composition and Theory, Head, Composition Department, Illinois Wesleyan University; e-mail:; web:

Carol Ann Weaver, DM 1982; Professor of Music, Conrad Grebel College/University of Waterloo; e-mail:; web:

Norman Weston, MM 1985; Chair, Music Department, Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA; e-mail: ; web:

Michael Woods, MM 1980; Professor of Music, Hamilton College, Clinton, NY; e-mail:

Jeffrey Young, MM 1984



Luis Manuel Alvarez, MM; Professor of Guitar and Composition, theory and sight singing, harmony, counterpoint, Puerto Rican music, and other courses at the University of Puerto Rico; web:

Gregory Fritze, MM 1979; Chair, Composition Department, Berklee College of Music, Boston; web:

Jeffrey Gerson, MM 1979; Owner of music-publishing company, Toodle Tunes Music; e-mail:

José A. Montalvo, MM 1979; Composer and multimedia artist; e-mail:; web:

Eui Paik, DM 1979; web:

Joel Rosenbaum, MM 1979; Movie score composer.

Glenn E. Smith , DM 1973; Professor, Director, Theory and Composition, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA; e-mail:; web:


Donald Erb, DM 1964; retired Professor of Music, Cleveland Institute of Music, Indiana University School of Music

Jack Jarrett , DM 1968; Founder and Vice President for Research and Development, Notion Music, Inc.;



Peter Delone, DM 1958; former Professor of Music Theory, Indiana University School of Music

Frederick Fox, DM 1959, MM1957; retired Professor of Music, Chair of Composition, Indiana University School of Music

Monte Tubb, MM; Professor of Music, University of Oregon, 1966-1991