Music Theory


Music Theory Colloquium Series

All events are on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. in M 267 unless otherwise noted
Past Events: Fall 2014

August 27: Nathan Blustein (Indiana University), "Erwin Schulhoff’s Cinq études and European Jazz in the 1920s"

September 10: Workshop—Article Discussion Session (Led by Profs. Horlacher, Samarotto, and Brody)

September 24: William Thomson (Retired Dean, University of Southern California School of Music; Former Chair, Indiana University Department of Music Theory), “Musical Savvy and the Systems Malady”

Tuesday, October 7 (7:30 p.m., M242): Christopher Hasty (Harvard University), “The Union of Performance, Theory, and Analysis in Music and in General”

October 8: Christopher Hasty (Harvard University), “Experimenting with Rhythm”

October 22: Christopher Brody (Indiana University), “The Second-Reprise Medial PAC and the Form of Bach’s Binary Dance Movements” [CANCELED]

Tuesday, October 28 (7:30 p.m., M242): Scott Burnham (Princeton University), “The Beethoven Difference”

October 29: Scott Burnham (Princeton University), “On the Last Bar of Schubert's String Quintet”

November 12: Eric Isaacson (Indiana University), “Show Me What You’re Hearing: Musical Communication Through Pictures”

December 10: Professional Development—CV and Conference Proposal Review (Drop-In Session)

Past Events: Spring 2015

January 21: Julian Hook (Indiana University), "Key-Color Invariance"

February 4: Andrew Mead (Indiana University), “Domesticating Wagner: Heroic Subversion in Alexander Zemlinsky's Der Traumgörge

February 11: GTA Symposium previews—Nathan Lam (Indiana University), "Jean Langlais's Sharpwise Inflections"; and Craig Duke (Indiana University), "Three Composers' Approaches to the 'English' Dorian Mode"

February 25: Jessica Sommer (Indiana University), "Flowing like a Fountain: Musical Motion Redefined"

March 4: Work-in-Progress Workshop

March 25: John A. Rice (Rochester, Minnesota), "The Morte: A Galant Voice-Leading Schema as Emblem of Lament and Compositional Building Block"

April 1: Roman Ivanovitch (Indiana University), "The Brilliant Style: Light and Heat"

Monday, April 6 (3:00 p.m., Ford Hall): Robert Gjerdingen (Northwestern University), "Little Angels: Turning Orphans into Musicians in 18th-Century Italy"

April 8: Robert Gjerdingen (Northwestern University), "Harmony: A Love Story"

April 15: Nate Mitchell (Indiana University), "Zerlina on the Metrical Stage: The Dramatic Fluidity of Metrical Consonances"

April 22: Nathan Blustein (Indiana University), “Stepwise Modulation as a Dramatic Device for Tonic Return in Musical Theater Songs”; Nathan Lam (Indiana University), “Chant Accompaniment after 1857”

April 29: Marianne Kielian-Gilbert (Indiana University), “Unbecoming Acts: Music Identity at a Crossroads.” End-of-year gathering to follow at Bear’s Place.

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