Music Theory

Current Students

The list below includes all current graduate students in the Music Theory Department.

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Name (Degree) Hometown Prior Education Interests and Other Information
Emily Barbosa (PhD) Cambridge, Ontario

BMus, Wilfrid Laurier University;
MM Indiana University

Interests: formal analysis, sonata theory, expressionism, folk music
Nikolas Bauchat (PhD) Fayetteville, GA BA Florida State University;
MM University of Georgia;
MM Indiana University
Interests: Webern, hermeneutics, popular music theory, text-music relations
Dissertation: "Pacing in Select Arias, Concertos, and Preludes of J. S. Bach"
Nathan Blustein (PhD) BM, MM Indiana University Interests: opera, transformational theory, 19th-century Lieder, music in the Weimar Republic
Dissertation: "Engaging with Music-Theatrical Conventions: Reprise, Reinterpretation, and Character Transformation in the Musicals of Stephen Sondheim"
Teaching at American University
Matthew Boyle (PhD) BM University of Georgia;
MM Indiana University
Interests: Italian-language opera of the 1700s and 1800s, Beethoven and Schubert's Vienna, Second Viennese School modernism, schema theory, musical genre and its impact on analysis and hermeneutics
Dissertation: "Musical Pleasure in Rossinian Opera"
Chelsea Brinda (MM) Orlando, FL BM University of Florida Interests: German Lieder, history of music theory, music theory pedagogy, post-tonal theory
Devin Chaloux (PhD) Bedford, NH BM University of Connecticut;
MM University of Cincinnati 
Interests: transformational theory, corpus studies, Edvard Grieg, 19th- and early 20th-century American composers, Renaissance modal theory and analysis
Dissertation: "Tonal Space in the Music of Tomás Luis de Victoria: A Case Study for Modern Analysis of Early Music"
Ruthie Chase (PhD) Des Moines, IA BM Northwestern College (IA);
MM Indiana University
Interests: music in film and television, post-1950 American music, timbre, music in/as culture/experience, Candy Crush
Dissertation: "Experiencing Sleeping Beauty: Strategies of Adaptation"
Peter Cho (MM)
Christa Cole (PhD)
Thomas Cooke (MM) Kings Mountain, NC BM Furman University Interests: music cognition, neo-tonal music, microtonal music
Mítia D'Acol (MM) Ribeirão Preto, Brazil BME University of São Paulo;
MM University of São Paulo
Interests: music communication, topic theory, galant schemata
Nicole DiPaolo (PhD) Northville, MI BM University of Michigan;
MM Indiana University
Interests: the use of composition in undergraduate pedagogy, Schenkerian analysis of neo-tonal music, juvenilia of the great composers, music perception and cognition, form and phrase structure
Dissertation: "Approaches to Selected Harmonic Patterns in Early Partimenti and Their Influence on Handel"
Thomas (Craig) Duke (PhD) Atlanta, GA BM Florida State
MA University of British Columbia
Interests:  early 20th-century tonal music, folk-influenced modality in 20th-century music, analysis of early music, analysis of postmodern music
Tyler Erickson (MM) Commack, NY BM New York University Interests: meter, Brahms, post-tonal theory
Leah Frederick (PhD) Manassas, VA BMA & BS Penn State University Interests: Beethoven string quartets, Classical form, performance and analysis, transformational theory
David Geary (PhD) Rochester, NY BM Ithaca College;
MM Eastman School of Music
Interests: Italian opera, Schenkerian analysis, music theory pedagogy
Stephen Gomez-Peck (MM) Orleans, MA BM Ithaca College Interests: pedagogy, music since World War II; jazz theory
William Guerin (PhD) Waltham, MA AB Dartmouth College;
MM Indiana University
Interests: musical meaning in 20th-century opera, music semiotics, Benjamin Britten, electronic and computer music
Dissertation: "Stylistic Interaction in John Adams's Nixon in China: An Approach to a General Theory of Polystylism"
Alissa Guntren (PhD)
John Heilig (PhD) Cooper City, FL BM Florida State University;
MM Indiana University
Interests: saxophone repertoire, minimalism, text setting
Trevor Hofelich (MM) Chesapeake, VA BM, MM Mannes College Interests: composition, Shostakovich, 20th-century music
Madeleine Howey (MM) Watertown, SD BA Concordia College (MN) Interests: post-tonal theory, performance and analysis, percussion, text setting
Jason Jedlicka (PhD) Cleveland, OH BM Ohio State University;
MM Indiana University
Interests: American and European minimalism and other related repertoires, popular music, 19th-century keyboard literature
Dissertation: "Steve Reich's Later Rhythmic and Metrical Practices"
Christy Keele (PhD) Grand Forks, ND BM University of Nebraska;
MM Indiana University
Interests: Schenker, the Romantic period, musical meaning and popular music
Dissertation: "Dramatic Pacing and Climactic Process in Selected Scherzi and Ballades of Chopin"
Robert Komaniecki (PhD) Minneapolis, MN BA, MA University of Minnesota Interests: popular music, music theory pedagogy
Stephen Komer (PhD) Chesterfield, MI BM Oakland University;
MM Indiana University
Interests: Renaissance music, Schenkerian analysis, analysis of Baroque music
Nathan Lam (PhD) Brisbane, Australia BM Griffith University Interests: Malcolm Arnold's symphonies, Persichetti's hymns, Schenkerian analysis
Dissertation: "Diatonic Modality and Centricity in the Extended Common Practice"
Emily Lamb (MM) Elizabethton, TN BM Furman University Interests: string quartets, musical borrowing and quotation, theory pedagogy
Lucy Liu (PhD) London, Ontario BA University of Western Ontario Dissertation: "Musical Prose in Select Works by Brahms"
Sarah Mahnken (PhD) Schleswig, IA BA Concordia University (NE); MM University of Nebraska Interests: Shostakovich, scale theory, modes, pitch centricity
John Mattessich (PhD)
Stephen McFall (MM) Aiken, SC BM Winthrop University Interests: perception and cognition, 20th- and 21st-century music, minimalism, Nordic music
Juan Mesa (PhD) Puerto Montt, Chile BM Western Connecticut State U;
MM Indiana University
Interests: Schenkerian analysis, modes of analysis of late baroque music (especially J. S. Bach), temporality in music, music and meaning, music theory pedagogy
Dissertation: "Binary Principles in Bach's Concerto Ritornelli"
Michele Newman (MM) Grapevine, TX BM University of North Texas Interests: early 20th-century American music, rhythm and meter, motivic development and form
Mariam Osman (MM) Tampa, FL BA University of South Florida;
MA Southern New Hampshire University
Interests: Schenkerian analysis, mathematical applications, piano and symphonic literature
Loida Osorio (PhD) Houston, TX BM University of Texas–Arlington;
MM Texas State University
Interests: perception and cognition, music and disability, pedagogy, ambiguity and harmonic anomalies in Classical music
Despoina Panagiotidou (MM) Drama, Greece BA University of Macedonia Interests: 20th-century Greek music, sonata theory, music perception and cognition
Jinny Park (PhD) Tallahassee, FL BM Florida State University;
MM Indiana University
Interests: from Renaissance viol consort music to 21st-century music
Calvin Peck (PhD) Milwaukee, WI BM Eastman School of Music;
MM Indiana University
Interests: philosophical approaches to musical analysis, music theory pedagogy
Anna Peloso (MM) Simi Valley, CA BM, MM California State University Northridge Interests: twentieth-century music, music theory pedagogy
Rachel Rosenman (MM) Mercer Island, WA BA Wesleyan University Interests: French late Romantic music, jazz theory, musical semiotics
Katrina Roush (PhD) Wooster, OH BA Indiana Wesleyan University;
MM Michigan State University
Interests: emotion and agency in music, subjectivity in analysis, music perception and cognition, rhetoric and music
Dissertation: "Framing Listeners' Emotional Engagement in Selected Works of Corelli"
Jessica Sommer (PhD) St. Louis, MO BA Truman State University;
MM Florida State University;
MM University of Cincinnati
Interests: post-Romantic and Impressionist music, performance and analysis, rhythm and meter, semiotics, metaphors
Aaron Sunstein (PhD) BM University of Iowa;
MA Musikhögskolan i Piteå (Sweden)
Interests: music of the 1620s; music of Schuller, Kagel, Reger
Ryan Taycher (PhD) Neenah, WI BM, MA University of North Texas Interests: Schenkerian analysis, chromaticism, German Lieder, Renaissance music
Dissertation: "De fundamento discanti: Structure and Elaboration in Fourteenth-Century Diminished Counterpoint"
Michael Vidmar-McEwen (PhD) Cleveland, OH BA College of Wooster;
MA University of Notre Dame
Interests: Schenkerian analysis, music and text, musical meaning, Benjamin Britten
Dissertation: "Britten's Expressive Prisms: Variations on a Theme"
Matthew Voglewede (PhD) Rockville, MD BS University of Maryland
MA University of Oregon
Interests: music theory pedagogy, music perception and cognition, music informatics
Jeffrey Vollmer (PhD) Wilmington, DE BM, MA Penn State University Interests: chromatic harmony, pitch space, pedagogy, transformational theory
Dissertation: "Relationships between Poetic and Musical Closure in Romantic German Lieder"
Abigail York (PhD) Kansas City, MO BM University of Missouri–Kansas City Interests: pedagogy, rhythm and meter, hermeneutical approaches, literary criticism, musical meaning
Zachary Zinser (PhD) San Diego, CA BM, MM Indiana University Interests: pedagogy, Schenkerian analysis, 18th-century tonality, popular music, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Satie