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Music Theory


Validation & Exemption Exam Policy Amendment

Policy Amendment on Validating Undergraduate Aural Skills Classes (T132, T231, T232, and T331 only)

This policy is only an addition to the previous exam policy; it does not supersede it. For other details, see Undergraduate Validation/Exemption Exams.

1.  A student may validate any of the four aural skills classes listed above by taking the comprehensive exam for that class in any semester preceding the semester in which the student would like to validate the class.

2.  A student must sign up for the comprehensive exam in the course to be validated by writing to the class’s current instructor, and receiving a confirmation that s/he may take the comprehensive exam. This notification should take place by the beginning of Week 14 of the semester.

3.  A student may take a validation test only once. Thus, if the student does not receive the required grade of 72.5%, s/he may not take the validation test when it is offered at the start of the next semester.

4.  In case a student wishes to validate more than one aural skills class by taking comprehensive exams, and those exams conflict, the student should take the comprehensive exam for the lower-numbered class, and take the validation exam for the higher-numbered class during its administration before the start of classes in the following semester.

5.  A student must bring a photo ID to the final exam. No exceptions will be made if s/he forgets to bring one.