Music Theory

Student Travel Funding

The music theory faculty encourages students to become active in the field by attending and presenting papers at regional and national conferences. The following sources of funding are available to support graduate students who are presenting papers at conferences. Students are encouraged to apply for funds, up to the amount needed, from each of these sources in order.

Graduate and Professional Student Organization Travel Award

The GPSO Travel Award is a competitive award of up to $500 for graduate and professional students at Indiana University – Bloomington.

Jacobs School of Music

The Jacobs School of Music provides awards for students making conference presentations.

To apply for funding, contact Stephanie Gott (srgott [at] indiana [dot] edu, 855-6000, Music Practice Building room 126) to fill out an application and to determine all of the documentation you will need.

Outline a complete budget for the event. Document all costs for yourself only; do not include expenses of other participants. Include any support you are getting from other sources. The committee likes to see documentation of the event and of your participation (e.g., event program, brochure, etc.).

You must submit original receipts as documentation, and your name must appear on these receipts. Credit card receipts work best for airplane tickets, meals, or gas purchases. If you submit a hotel or car rental invoice, you must provide the original itemized invoice along with your proof of credit card payment. The IU Travel Office will not accept a credit card statement alone for hotel or car rental charges.

You will receive your reimbursement after the event. Awards do not exceed $300, nor do they attempt to cover all costs of the event. Usually a portion of travel, fees, and/or per diem is covered. Questions should be directed to Stephanie Gott.

Music Theory Fund

The Music Theory Fund helps to support the professional activities of the department, including support for students presenting research at conferences. Awards are limited to $150 for conferences within driving distance, and to $300 if airfare is required, but may be lower depending on the availability of funds and the number of applications received. Students may apply for one grant per academic year.

You should apply before the date of the conference if at all possible. To be eligible, you must first have applied for funding to other sources listed above. The total funding received from all sources may not exceed the actual costs.

To apply, send an email to mustheor [at] indiana [dot] edu with the following information:

  • Student name

  • Name, location, and dates of conference

  • Actual dates of travel

  • Title of paper to be presented

  • An estimated budget (mileage or airfare, lodging, and conference registration may be included; meals are not covered)

  • A list of other sources of support applied for or received

Requests are considered throughout the year, but should be submitted as early as possible to ensure full consideration for the available funds.