Musicology Department


The A. Peter Brown Research Travel Award

This is a yearly award established by Carol V. Brown in her husband's memory to make possible archival and other kinds of research outside Indiana University by students in the Musicology Department. Professor Brown found that his own research travel to Europe enormously expanded his horizons as a scholar and as a person, and this grant is intended to provide our students with similar opportunities.

Applications should include a description of the project, the duration of the proposed travel, and a tentative budget including transportation, lodging, and other expenses. Please note that the grant does not include travel to conferences, but that visits to archives, libraries, and other research-related work, both foreign and domestic, are all appropriate.

The Austin B. Caswell Award

This award has been established in honor of Austin B. Caswell, devoted teacher and member of the musicology faculty at Indiana University from 1966 until his retirement in 1996.

The Caswell Award honors the best paper written during each calendar year for an undergraduate music history class. The prize consists of a certificate and $250.

Students may nominate their own paper, or papers may be nominated by instructors or other students. To be eligible for consideration, students should submit the following to the Musicology Department Office, Simon Center M225H, by the annual deadline (see departmental calendar):

  • three clean copies of the paper (without comments from instructors or editorial marks), identified by title only
  • a cover letter that indicates the title of the paper, the name of the author, the course for which it was written, and the date on which it was submitted in fulfillment of course requirements

Submitted papers will be read and judged by a committee of faculty members in the musicology department. The winner will be announced at the School of Music Alumni luncheon on graduation day. 

Dissertation-Year Fellowship

The Dissertation-Year Fellowship in Musicology is awarded each year to an outstanding student by the School of Music. The award is based on the recommendation of the musicology faculty. It provides a stipend of $12,000 for one academic year. To be eligible, a student must have had the dissertation proposal approved by his or her research committee and presented to the department by the annual deadline (see departmental calendar). Those holding the dissertation-year fellowship must be able to devote full-time to the fellowship (i.e., they may not hold any other appointment that exceeds ten hours per week). To apply for the dissertation-year fellowship, send a note of interest to the department chair, including the dissertation title and the names of the research committee members.

Freda and Walter Kaufmann Prize

The Freda and Walter Kaufmann Prize in Musicology is awarded annually by the IU musicology faculty to a student who has demonstrated excellence in all aspects of graduate study and has shown professional initiative.