Musicology Department

Current and Future Musicology Course Offerings

[Subject to change]

Fall Semester 2014 
  • M401  History and Literature of Music I (Burkholder)
  • M410  German Lied (Muxfeldt)
  • M410  American Jewish Popular Music (Cohen)
  • M502  Masses of Josquin Des Prez (Zanovello)
  • M502  George Gershwin (Cohen)
  • M510  German Lied (Muxfeldt)
  • M510  Practice (Ford)
  • M510  Latin American Music - 19th Century (Borg)
  • M510  Music in Venice to 1600 (Ossi)
  • M510  Music and Nationalism (L. Vest)
  • M510  Women in Music (Smith)
  • M510  Examining Operetta (Hooker)
  • M527  Symphonic Literature (McAuley)
  • M539  Introduction to Music Bibliography (Cochran)
  • M539  Introduction to Music Bibliography (Ponella)
  • M541  Music History Review for Grad Students I (TBA)
  • M542  Music History Review for Grad Students II (TBA)
  • M551  Introduction to Historical Musicology (Melamed)
  • M602  Seminar: Hearing 14th-Century Music (Long)
  • M602  Seminar: Petrarch and the Madrigal (Ossi)
  • M603  Methods: Italian Translation (Zanovello)
  • M650  Music in the United States (Ford)
  • M651  Medieval Music (Long)
  • M653  Baroque Music (Smith)
  • M655  Romantic Music (L. Vest)
Spring Semester 2015 
  • M402  History and Literature of Music II (Smith)
  • M410  Film Music (Long)
  • M410  Music and the Enlightenment (McAuley)
  • M502  Composers: Keyboard Music of J.S. Bach (D. Stauff)
  • M502  Composers: V. Galilei & the Florentine Camerata (Ossi)
  • M510  Topics in Music Literature: French Opera (Smith)
  • M510  Topics in Music Literature: Film Music History (Long)
  • M510  Topics in Music Literature: Italian Renaissance Cities & Courts (Ossi)
  • M510  Topics in Music Literature: Music Books 1140-1450 (Di Bacco)
  • M510  Topics in Music Literature: Operas and Plays (Muxfeldt)
  • M525  Survey of Operatic Literature (Zanovello)
  • M527  Symphonic Literature (Goldberg)
  • M528  Chamber Music Literature (Burkholder)
  • M541  Music History Review for Grad Students 1 (D. Nelson)
  • M542  Music History Review for Grad Students 2 (D. Rogers, M. Leone)
  • M602  Seminar: Music and Philosophy (McAuley)
  • M602  Seminar: J.S. Bach's Mass Repertory (Melamed)
  • M603  Methods: Pedagogy of Music History (Goldberg)
  • M652  Renaissance Music (Zanovello)
  • M654  Classic Music (Muxfeldt)
  • M656  Modern Music (Burkholder)
  • M657  Music since 1960 (Ford)