Business Affairs


DM and AD Recital Fees
  • One page program: $47.25
  • Two page program: $58.75
  • Audio recording: $58.75

For DM and AD recitals that are scheduled off campus, you will only be charged the $47.25 program fee. You are responsible, however, for setting up and recording your own recital. Please be sure to provide a completed audio recording of your recital to the music library.

MM, PD, JR, SR, and Student Recital Fees
  • One page program: $47.25
  • Two page program: $58.75 

Beginning Spring 2013, every time a recital date is changed (after the completed paperwork and final approvals) a $90.00 fee will be applied to the student's bursar account. This fee will be waived if the student becomes ill, or the faculty asks that the date be changed.