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Recital Scheduling Timetable - Summer Session II  2014

Recital Scheduling Office Music Practice Building P126-Business Affairs Suite

Please take the time to read this carefully!! By taking time to read the directions given, it will help you successfully schedule your recital online.

Recitals for Summer 2014 can only take place during Summer Session II. That means a recital can only be given between the dates of June 9- July 18. EVERYONE (All Degress) will be able to access the recital scheduling request form to schedule your recital on Monday May 12th at 8:00am. Deadlines are as follows:

DM and AD performance deadline: July 18th

MM, PD, SR, JR performance deadline: July 18th

Undergraduates: If you are a SR or JR, you are required to enroll in performances lessons in the semester (or summer session) that you perform your recital. Failure to enroll will result in you not receiving credit for your recital. For more information, please contact the Music Undergraduate Advising Office at 812-855-3743 or

 You MUST schedule your recital AT LEAST 3 weeks in advance. That means the recital must be scheduled AND approved by your faculty member and my office exactly 3 weeks to the day that you plan to perform your recital. If your recital request has not been approved by that day, your reservation will be cancelled, and it will be opened back up as a free date for other students to schedule. It is important that once you schedule you make sure that your teacher is aware that thier approval is needed. If your teacher cannot access the online approval screen, then they can send me an email at saying they approve your recital.

**Another issue that we have been dealing with is the issue of the date once it is chosen. Please remember that these are PROPOSED dates that you are choosing. That does not mean when you choose the date it is yours set in stone. The date is not officially yours until my office makes sure that the date you have chosen is in fact available. There are rare instances where that a date that you choose might not in fact be available. If that happens, you will receive an email from my office as soon as possible, alerting you that you need to choose another date.

NOTE: If you cancelled a recital in a previous semester, you will have to create a brand new recital request form for the spring 2014 recital.


The first step will be for you to access the creating program online form on the left hand side of this page. From there you create your program and follow a series of steps to pick your own recital date, and you will also be able to send your instructor an approval email from this form as well. This should be an easy step-by-step process for you to follow from start to finish of the scheduling of your recital. You will recieve emails from the system as you go confirming all the steps you have made or what needs to be done next.

**Students who are in the OPEN enrollment program are not eligible to play a recital in Auer Hall, Ford Hall, or Recital Hall.

Length of Recitals 

(In number of minutes of music)

Following are the minimum and maximum number of minutes of music for the categories of recitals indicated; this information is also published in the School of Music Bulletin 2012-13 edition p.87.

                                          Minimum          Maximum

Junior (general)                          40                    50

            Brass                              30                   40

            Voice                              30                   50

Senior (general)                          50                   60

            Brass                              40                  50

            Composition                     30                  60

            Jazz Studi                        50                  60

            Voice                              40                  50

Concentration (general)               25                  50

            Pian                               35                  50

            Woodwinds                     40                  50

MM (general)                             50                   60

            Brass                         40                  50

            Composition                 30                  60

            Jazz Studies                50                  60

            Voice                          40                  50

            Choral Conducting         20                  30

DM (general)                           40                    60

            Brass                         30                  50

            Choral conducting         40                  75

            Composition                 45                  60

            Piano                          50                  60

            Piano (final)                 60                  75

            Woodwinds                  50                  60

Graduate Minor (general)        25                   50

            Piano                         35                   50

PD (general)                           50                   60