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Project Jumpstart

Project Jumpstart empowers, facilitates, and supports entrepreneurial, innovative thought and action among Jacobs School of Music students as they prepare for a meaningful life in the arts.

We strive to be a leading catalyst of entrepreneurial, innovative action through presentations, workshops, discussions, networking events, conferences and publications. Central to these initiatives are partnerships with student groups and ensembles, Jacobs School departments, the IU Bloomington community, as well as organizations and creative individuals in the City of Bloomington and beyond.

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Innovation in the Gaming Industry


This month, Project Jumpstart interviews Nikita Haduong, co-founder of Argent Games, a consortium of IU Bloomington students who have just produced their newest game, Requiescence.  

Requiescense is a gothic fantasy BL visual novel set in an arcane, mysterious cathedral. It chronicles the story of a young mage, as he ventures into the cathedral’s dark depths in an attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding his uncle’s death. Nikita is currently Junior pursuing a BSOF with degrees in violin performance and computational linguistics.  

She is a member of the violin studio of Alex Kerr. Her company, Argent Games is an officially registered company of Indiana with Requiescence being its first published game.  

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composedThe Project Jumpstart team and OECD staff are thrilled to be hosting a screening of the new documentary, Composed- a film that explores the many ways we experience and can address performance anxiety. The 78 minute film features musicians and mental health experts from the US and UK, including members of major US orchestras such as the New York Philharmonic. Musicians in the film share candid stories and perspectives on what causes these fears and doubts, as well as what has worked for them to address such issues.

Join us on Thursday, November 3rd at 7pm in Sweeney Hall for a screening of the film as well as a Q&A with the film's director, John Beder, and Jacobs School of Music faculty, Jeff Nelsen who is featured in the film!