Indiana University

Marketing and Publicity

Contact Information

General Contact

Please write to musicpub [at] indiana [dot] edu or call (812) 855-9846

Director, Marketing and Publicity (on leave)

Alain Barker abarker [at] indiana [dot] edu
(812) 855-9846
Alain is currently Interim Director of Career Development & Entrepreneurship (Project Jumpstart)

Director, Design

Neil Robinson
narobins [at] indiana [dot] edu
(812) 856-3808

Director, Digital Design

Patrick John Eddy
pjeddy [at] indiana [dot] edu
(812) 856-4508

Marketing Outreach and House Manager
including Musical Arts Center Box Office

Tridib Pal
tpal [at] indiana [dot] edu
(812) 855-9053

Editor and Publicity/Media Relations Specialist

Linda Cajigas
lcajigas [at] indiana [dot] edu
(812) 856-3882

Program Editor

Jonathan Shull
musprgrm [at] indiana [dot] edu
(812) 855-0818

Marketing and Publicity Assistant

Sarah J. Slover
sjensvol [at] indiana [dot] edu
(812) 855-1059