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Recording Services

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CD/DVD duplication requests
recserv [at] indiana [dot] edu

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audiopro [at] indiana [dot] edu

For the Audio Engineering and Sound Production academic program click on the link to the left.

Audio production services are provided by Audio Engineering students as part of their ensemble, X090 Audio Technical Crew. Services are provided free of charge for all major ensemble, faculty and guest recitals, DM and AD student recitals, and small ensembles. For a complete list of events that we support click the Recording Information and Sound Reinforcement Guidelines links on the left. Recordings are available for listening via Variations in the Music Library. For unsupported events, students and faculty are free to hire outside contractors.

Faculty and guests, and DM and AD students are provided with a single CD copy of their recitals free of charge. Faculty and Guests will receive their copies via campus or US mail, and students may pick up their CDs at the Audio Engineering office, MC426, after receiving email notification that it is ready. If you have any questions, send an email to audiopro [at] indiana [dot] edu.

For additional CD copies of recitals and other duplication requests, click the duplication request link on the left