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To arrange a recording session please contact the chair of the Recording Arts Department kstrauss [at] indiana [dot] edu. While we will make every effort to accomodate session requests, limited facilities, time constraints, and availability of qualified personnel may make some requests impossible. See item 7 below for student recording session policies.

  1. All recording session requests must be submitted by a full-time School of Music faculty member or official School of Music Ensemble to the Performance Coordinating Committee and the Director of Recording Arts.
  2. A School of Music faculty member must have significant participation as performer, conductor, or composer, or else the session must involve an official School of Music Ensemble.
  3. School of Music Ensembles may schedule recording sessions at the same time they schedule events for the composite calendar. After approval by the Performance Coordinating Committee, the director of the ensemble or the department must confirm the session dates and times with the Director of Recording Arts.
  4. All requests other than those cited under (3) must be submitted in writing to the Performance Coordinating Committee and include the following: dates and exact session times, recording venue, participants, and repertoire; and if recorded by someone other than the Recording Arts Department, recording engineer or company, and record label (if any).
  5. Recording sessions may not be scheduled during the fall semester after Thanksgiving break and or during the spring semester after March 31, with the exception of School of Music Ensembles who have scheduled their recording sessions as part of the composite calendar.
  6. After the deadlines listed under (5), sessions may be scheduled no more than two weeks in advance, subject to the availability of the halls and recording personnel. Such sessions will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Performance Coordinating Committee and the Director of Recording Arts.
  7. Student recording sessions in Ford and Recital Halls, for the purpose of auditions, competitions, and grant or scholarship applications, will be exempt from the above policies with the following stipulations. 1) They must follow normal rehearsal scheduling guidelines. 2) The recording may not be used for commercial release. 3) The Recording Arts Department does not provide recording session services for students, they are free to engage a private contractor or make the recording on their own. Student recording sessions are not allowed in Auer Hall unless they are part of an official SOM ensemble or SOM class.
  8. While every effort will be made to accommodate recording session requests, the School of Music and the Recording Arts Department have limited facilities, and only a limited number of Recording Arts students are qualified to conduct recording sessions unsupervised. For these reasons, the Performance Coordinating Committee and the Director of Recording Arts reserve the right to deny requests.