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Sound reinforcement is provided for the following events:
1. School of Music Major Ensembles. This includes ensembles that fulfill the primary ensemble requirement for music majors
- X040 Instrumental Ensembles
- X070 Choral Ensembles
- X060 Early Music Ensembles
2. X414 Latin American Popular Music Ensemble
3. X420 Small Ensembles
4. Departmental Student Composition Recitals
5. IU Opera and Ballet Theater Performances
6. Faculty and guest artist performances
7. Special Events as determined by the Dean of the School of Music.

Submit your request directly to audiopro [at] indiana [dot] edu, no less than two weeks in advance. Occasionally a sound reinforcement request may be impossible due to concurrent events and/or time and personnel limitations. Requests submitted less than two weeks in advance will be fulfilled at the Department of Audio Engineering and Sound Production's discretion.

For all other recitals, Recital Hall Ford Hall, and Auer Hall have self service sound systems with limited capabilities. Check with Music Facilities for more information. 

Technical Information:

Musical Arts Center

There is no user operable system in the Musical Arts Center. Only Audio Engineering faculty, staff, and students may operate the sound reinforcement equipment. 

  • Maximum of 32 microphones and/or DI inputs
  • Eight wireless microphones
  • CD and laptop computer playback
  • Four monitor mixes (five monitor speakers)
  • Configurable speaker system from mono to multichannel.
Auer Hall

Self-service user operable sound reinforcement system with a classroom technology podium. One handheld wireless microphone and one lavalier microphone. These microphones are appropriate for lectures and lecture-recitals. There is also a microphone mixer and 4 additional micophone inputs. For more complex productions the Audio Engineering Department can provide the following:

  • Maximum of 12 microphones or DI inputs on stage
    CD or laptop computer playback
  • Two wireless microphones
  • Two DSP units for signal effects processing
  • Four monitor mixes with four monitor speakers
  • Stereo or four-channel speaker system

We strongly encourage performers to use the house system. It is very high quality and tuned specifically to Auer Hall. However the performer may provide their own sound reinforcement system if they have the capability. The Audio Engineering Department will not provide personnel or technical assistance for user-provided sound systems and equipment.

Ford Hall

User operable portable sound system with one wired microphone and connectivity for iPod/iPhone or laptop computer playback. Contact Music Facilities for more information

Recital Hall

Self-service, user operable sound reinforcement system with CD playback, one handheld wireless microphone and one lavalier microphone suitable for lectures and lecture-recitals. For more complex productions the Audio Engineering Department can provide the following:

  • Maximum of six microphones or DI inputs on stage
  • CD playback
  • One monitor mix with one monitor speaker
  • Stereo speaker system

General Sound Reinforcement Recommendations

In your email requesting sound reinforcement describe your event completely, including instrumentation, microphone and effects processing requirements, monitor mixes; and a diagram of the ensemble's setup configuration.

Schedule a rehearsal with the sound reinforcement equipment; this is necessary to ensure a high level of quality. If possible, schedule the rehearsal in the timeslot immediately prior to the concert, this way the sound reinforcement equipment will not have to be removed, and settings will not have to be recalled.

Plan on sufficient setup and teardown time for the sound reinforcement equipment. This must be included in the scheduled rehearsal and performance time. Generally 30 minutes for setup and 15 minutes for teardown is sufficient. Large setups will require more time. For rehearsals, you may plan on rehearsing a non-sound reinforcement piece during this setup time to use rehearsal time most efficiently.

Allow time for a sound check prior to the concert. This is critical, for us to deliver high quality service. If no sound check is scheduled we cannot guarantee a minimum quality. It is necessary for the ensemble to play briefly to confirm that the system is working correctly and to recall the system configuration.