Support Services

Mail, Messages, Fax

Most faculty members are assigned a mailbox located in the upper level of the mailroom, MU006A, adjacent to Clouse's Lounge on the ground floor between Merrill Hall and the Music Addition. When mail or parcels too large to be put into the mailboxes arrive, a notice will be put into the mailbox. This notice acts as the claim ticket and parcels may be picked up at the upper level mailroom door.

There are also mailboxes on the first floor of the East Studio Building for faculty with studios in that building. Faculty will be contacted via email regarding any mail or parcels too large to be put into those mailboxes.

Official university correspondence can be mailed in MU006A without postage, but must have the department's account number written in the upper right hand corner of the envelope. Parcels directly related to university business can also be given to personnel in MU006A for mailing if they are fully labeled and sealed. Fax messages concerning official university business can be directed to the fax number in MU006A (812-855-4936). Similarly, outgoing official university messages can be sent on the same machine.

Secretarial Services

The school does not provide secretarial services for the faculty. When available, secretarial needs should be carried out by departmental secretaries. Each office will have established priorities concerning the order in which work is to be done based on the primary function of that office. For example, clerical staff in academic departments are first responsible for teaching-related items (tests, syllabi, etc.), then for correspondence with students, then for faculty professional correspondence, and then for research-related work such as typing manuscripts, etc. No attempt is made to provide private secretarial assistance for any member of the faculty.

Duplicating Services

Teaching-related materials (syllabi, bibliographies, assignments, tests and examinations) can be duplicated in the mailroom, MU006B. Copy machines are available in MU006B and JS114 for the use of faculty, departmental clerical staff, and associate instructors; all departments are assigned a billing code for duplication based on normal use. This code is to be used only for teaching materials and necessary university-related duplication. Quantities above 25, or orders having special requirements such as hole-punching or stapling, should be done by mailroom personnel. Request forms are available and the department billing number is required.

Pay-as-you-go copying machines are available in other places in the Jacobs School of Music, such as Clouse's Lounge (ground floor, between Merrill Hall and the Music Annex) and in the music library. You can establish an account on your faculty ID card through Campus Card Services at either the IU Memorial Union, Bookstore main level (855-1711; hours: M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) or the IU Bookstore in Eigenmann Hall (1910 E. 10th Street, 855-2605; hours M-F 8:00 - 5:00 p.m.); you can purchase additional value for the card at other locations around campus, and online with a credit card. As you use the card in the duplicating machine the copies made will be deducted from the total remaining on the card. This account can also be used for other services on campus, including food purchases.


Routine office supplies are available in the lower level of the mailroom. (A department billing number is required.) Larger supply and equipment requests must be made each spring to the Equipment Committee. Such requests should be made through the department chair who coordinates and, in consultation with the faculty, prioritizes these requests. Not all requests can be accommodated each year, but all are considered as part of a long-term equipment plan.

Studio Assignments

Space for all of the activities of the Jacobs School of Music is very limited. Offices and studios are assigned with a view to providing the most comfortable and appropriate space possible for the activities that will be carried out there, but not all requests can be accommodated. At the present time, the assignment of faculty studios and offices is the responsibility of the Executive Associate Dean.

Because of the limited amount of space, faculty who retire are not able to keep their offices, but are provided mail service and one office, with a telephone, to share in common. Faculty members on sabbatical leave must be prepared to relinquish their offices/studios for the period of the leave.

Building Maintenance

Each of the Jacobs School of Music's five buildings is maintained by a staff of university custodians, not by School staff. Custodians generally work at night, although there are individuals available for emergencies during the daytime. Requests for custodial assistance, or other repair and maintenance needs (such as elevator repair, air conditioning or heating problems, etc.), should be made through the Music Facilities Office in M031 (855-1613; e-mail: somfac@indiana.edu ).

Room Keys

Each faculty member will receive one key issued by music facilities to his or her studio and other keys, such as to classrooms, recording equipment, etc., as required by teaching and research responsibilities. Keys must be returned when no longer in use. Faculty members who would like certain students to have access to their studios or offices must submit a written message to that effect to the music facilities office, where the student(s) may pick up the key. Keys should not be given to students by faculty members, and no University keys may be duplicated except by the University.

Office/Studio Furnishings

Each office or studio is furnished with a piano (where appropriate), a desk, desk chair, side chair, bookcase, wastebasket, and one file cabinet. Any cosmetic change (such as painting) must be ordered through the Music Facilities Office. Carpet will be supplied only if the existing floor is damaged and not suitable for use, or if it is impossible to replace existing tile. Carpet can also be purchased by the occupant and the music facilities staff will install it. Bulletin boards are not furnished for rooms, but the occupant can purchase them and the music facilities staff will install them.


All Jacobs School of Music pianos and harpsichords are maintained by the school Piano Repair Shop (MA067, 855-1244, e-mail: pnoshop@indiana.edu).  To schedule tuning of the piano in your studio or office, or for other matters related to School keyboard instruments, please see the Piano Shop's website.

Instrument Rental

A limited number of instruments are maintained by the school for the use of students in techniques classes, for doubling in ensembles, and for other appropriate purposes. Full details of instrument rental procedures may be obtained from the instrument rental office (MA410, 855-8720).

Audio & Video Recording

Videotaping and playback equipment for use in the MU and MA buildings is available via e-mail request to the Music Facilities Office (M031, somfac@indiana.edu) and should be reserved and signed out in that office. If equipment is not available, Classroom Technology Services - Portable Technology Support (855-8765) can provide audio and video equipment as well as an operator if needed.