By January 15, of each spring semester, faculty are required to report their teaching, service, and research/creative activities for the calendar year just ending on the Annual Report form. This form can be accessed via OneStart (see information below).

Accessing the Application

At IU, all active Faculty have access to the application by default. To access the Annual Report Worksheet:

  1. Log into OneStart using your user name and password
  2. Click on the tan Services tab
  3. Click on the Faculty Systems section located along the left of the window. Note: based on other roles you may have at IU, you may see more or fewer options than those presented in the example below.
  4. Click on the Faculty Annual Report subsection now located along the left of the window
  5. This will give you access to the Faculty Annual Report Content channel where system notifications, options for viewing documentation, and access to the Annual Report Worksheet are presented.

 Frequently asked questions:

Q: Who do I contact for help?

A: If you encounter an error while working within the application you are redirected to a support page where you can submit your issue to the support group. If you have a general question or concern, there is a link for contacting the support group from the OneStart channel used to access the application.

Q: How does moving the Faculty Annual Report from a paper process to electronic affect the general availability of the information in light of Indiana public disclosure of information laws?

A: Information collected via the Faculty Annual Report is part of an employee’s Personnel file. There is no difference between hard copy and electronic copy as it relates to the open records law. As such, the information collected via the FAR application is not subject to public disclosure under the State’s “sunshine laws” with the exception of: name, compensation, job title, business address, business telephone number, job description, education and training background, previous work experience, or dates of first and last employment of present or former officers or employees of the agency.

Q: Who has access to review my submitted report?

A: Access to review submitted reports is determined at a department, school, and campus level. The general setup is the department chair’s office, the school dean’s office, and the campus Faculty Records office will have specified individuals that have access to review submitted reports. However each department, school, or campus can request additional individuals be granted access; the most common example where additional individuals are requested is for merit review committee members.

Q: My department doesn’t use section X or option X that’s provided on the worksheet, do I have to add any information to that section or use that option?

A: No, the application has been designed as a university wide application. There may be sections or options on the report that are not applicable to your particular discipline. If you are unsure is a particular option should be used, it’s best to check with your department or school first to see if it applies.

Additional information from the VPFAA office: