Grading Procedures

Academic and Performance Standards

Student achievement is assessed on an A+ through F grading scale.  The official grading system of Indiana University is as follows:

  • A+ or A:  4.0
  • A-:  3.7
  • B+:  3.3
  • B:  3.0
  • B-:  2.7
  • C+:  2.3
  • C:  2.0
  • C-:  1.7
  • D+:  1.3
  • D:  1.0
  • D-: 0.7
  • F:  0.0

The problem that teachers face in giving grades, that is, how to balance objective achievement with individual progress, has to be addressed and reconciled by each faculty member. It is very important that the clearest possible statements be made to students, ideally in a written syllabus at the beginning of a semester, about the basis for grades. Consistency and fairness are respected and appreciated by students. Even in areas such as performance study, chamber music, or ensemble, the basis on which the students are to be graded must be articulated to them very clearly.

Students should also be informed of the university policies on academic misconduct (see the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct and the Processes and Procedures for Implementation of the Code at IU Bloomington). The teacher should be careful to monitor any possible acts of academic misconduct. Procedures to follow are outlined in the Processes and Procedures document. The teacher should report any violations to the Dean of Students in an online form which is available at the Dean of Students website (see "Academic Misconduct").

An Academic Fairness Committee of the Jacobs School of Music, consisting of faculty and students and coordinated by the Associate Dean for Instruction, is available to students who have a grievance concerning grades or other academic matters. This committee also serves as an appeal board for students charged with academic misconduct. The committee follows the procedures outlined in the Code and other School and University documents.  The Associate Dean for Instruction has more information about appeal and committee procedures.

Grade Rosters and Deadlines

Enrollment Verification Rosters

You will receive paper enrollment verification rosters from the Office of the Registrar approximately 5 weeks into the semester.  The purpose of these rosters is to verify enrollment in the courses you teach and to resolve enrollment discrepancies.  You are expected to return the verified and signed rosters to the graduate and undergraduate offices or the Registrar by the listed deadline.  It is particularly important to check early in the semester that everyone who is attending is actually enrolled in the class, and to inform the Registrar of students who are enrolled but not attending, and students who are attending but not enrolled. The link to these rosters will be sent to your IU email account by the Registrar.

Midterm Grade Rosters

Only music freshmen with fewer than 26 credit hours and University Division students with fewer than 56 credit hours are listed and receive grades.  Midterm rosters are available online beginning the 8th week of the semester and are due the following week.  Midterm grades must be assigned and entered online using OneStart.

Final Grade Rosters

Final grades must be assigned and entered online via OneStart or Oncourse by 3:00pm on the third day following the last class, jury or final exam. All grades must be entered on time. AIs should not leave campus without fulfilling this responsibility, as students can find themselves unable to graduate or ineligible for financial aid because of missing grades. Check with the faculty member or instrumental coordinator in charge to determine exactly how grades should be reported. For detailed grade entry instructions, please refer to the Registrar's website.

Please contact the Music Advising and Records Service office for assistance with rosters and grading. For undergraduate questions call 855-3743 and for graduate questions call 855-1738.

Recital Grades

Grades for recitals deserve special mention.  When a student reserves a performance space, has a program printed and the hearing approved, it is assumed that he or she intends to perform the recital.  However, there is no way for the academic recorders of the school to know whether the recital was actually performed unless a grade is turned in by the performance study teacher for that recital.  The grade should be written on a copy of the student's program with the performance study teacher's signature and given to the undergraduate or graduate records office, JS120, on the first working day following the recital. For graduate recitals, a written grade request will be sent to the instructor which should be returned to the graduate office in JS120.  For undergraduate recitals, the instructor will receive a grade request via email.  For more information, please see the Recitals page.

Special Grades

Incomplete Grades
R Grades
Withdrawal Grades
Pass/Fail Grades
FNN and FN Grades
Extended-X Policy
Change of Grade and Grade Appeal
Grade Appeal Procedures (PDF)