Juan Orrego-Salas: Catalog

Juan Orrego-Salas - Founder and Director of the LAMC (1961-1987) 

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Catalog of Compositions 

Music for the theater: 

Juventud Op. 24 (1948), ballet-triptych based on Handel's Solomon; Umbral de sueño, Op. 30 (1951), ballet; The Tumbler's Prayer (El saltimbanqui) Op. 48 (1960), ballet;  El retablo del rey pobre (The dawn of the poor king) Op. 27 (1950-52), Christmas mystery for singers, dancers, and orchestra; The Goat that Couldn't Sneeze, Op. 106 (1992), musical comedy for children's voices and chamber ensemble; Viudas (Widows) Op. 101 (1987-90), opera in three acts; Versos de ciego Op. 49, No. 3 (1949), incidental music for a play by A. Heiremans.

 Cantatas and Oratorios

Cantata de Navidad (Christmas Cantata) Op. 13 (1946), for soprano and orchestra; Alboradas Op. 56 (1965), for SSA, harp, piano, and percussions); América, no en vano invocamos tu nombre Op. 57 (1966), cantata for TTBB, soprano, baritone soloist, and orchestra; Un canto a Bolívar Op. 78 (1980-81), for voices and traditional Andean instruments; Missa "in tempore discordae," Op. 64 (1968-69), for tenor soloist, SATB, and orchestra; The Days of God Op. 73 (1974-76), oratorio for quartet of soloists, chorus (SATB), and orchestra; Bolívar Op. 81 (1981-82), triptych for narrator, SATB, and orchestra; La Ciudad Celeste Op. 105 (1992), cantata for baritone soloist, SATB, and orchestra; Tres cánticos sagrados (Three sacred songs) Op. 108 (1995), for SATB and chamber ensemble; Ave Maria Op. 111a (1996) for soprano soloist, oboe obligatto, organ, and SATB; Canto a la cordillera Op. 113 (1997), for SATB and orchestra.

Compositions for orchestra (with or without instrumental soloists)

Escenas de cortes y pastores,  Suite Op. 19 (1946); Obertura festiva Op. 21 (1948); Symphony No. 1, Op. 21 (1949); Concerto No. 1, Op. 28 (1950), for piano and orchestra; Symphony No. 2, Op. 39 (1954); Serenata concertante Op. 40 (1954); Jubilaeus musicus "ad honorem Universitatis Sanctae Mariae" Op. 45 (1956); Symphony No. 3, Op. 50 (1961); Psalms Op. 51 (1962), for wind symphony orchestra; Concerto a tre Op. 52 (1962), for piano trio and orchestra; Concerto for Wind Orchestra, Op. 53 (1963-64); Symphony No. 4 "De la respuesta lejana" Op. 59, (1966); Concerto for Violin and Orchestra Op. 86 (1983); Concerto No. 2, Op. 93 (1985), for piano and orchestra; Riley's Merriment Op. 94 (1986), scherzo for orchestra; Fantasia Op. 95 (1986), piano soloist and wind symphony; Fanfare Op. 97 (1986-87); Concerto for Cello and Orchestra Op. 104 (1991-92); Symphony No. 5, Op. 109 (1995); Symphony No. 6 "Semper reditus" Op. 112 (1997).

Chamber Orchestra

Chamber Concerto Op. 34 (1954); Quattro liriche brevi Op. 61b (1967), for alto saxophone and chamber orchestra; Variaciones serenas Op. 69 (1971), for string orchestra, Volte Op. 67 (1971), for piano and chamber orchestra; Concerto for Oboe and String Orchestra Op. 77 (1980); Introduction and Allegro Concertato Op. 117 (1999), for piano four-hands and chamber ensemble; Fantasias Op. 119 (2000), for violoncello and small orchestra; Concerto Grosso, Op. 122 (2001-02), for oboe, violin, and string orchestra.

Chamber Ensembles

Dos piezas Op. 1 (1936), for violin and piano; Pequeño poema Op. 5 (1938), for flute and piano; Sonata Op. 9 (1945), for violin and piano; Sonata a dúo Op. 11 (1945), for violin and viola; Sextet Op. 38 (1954), for clarinet, string quartet, and piano; Dúos concertante Op. 41 (1955), for violoncello and piano; Pastoral y scherzo Op. 42 (1955), for violin and piano; Divertimento I and II Op. 43 (1956), for flute, oboe, and bassoon; String Quartet No. 1, Op. 46 (1957); Concertino Op. 54 (1963), for trumpet, two horns, and trombone;  Sonata a quattro Op. 55 (1964), for flute, oboe, harpsichord, and double bass; Trio No. 1, Op. 58 (1966), for violin, violoncello, and piano; Quattro liriche brevi Op. 61a (1967), for alto saxophone and piano; Mobili Op. 63 (1971), for viola and piano; Serenata Op. 70 (1972), for flute and violoncello; Sonata de estío Op. 71 (1972), for flute and piano; Presencias Op. 72 (1972). for septet (flute, oboe, bassoon, harpsichord, violin, viola, and cello); Trio No. 2, Op. 75 (1977), for viol[in, violoncello, and piano; De profundis Op. 76 (1979), for tuba and cello quartet; Variations for a Quiet Man Op. 79 (1990), for clarinet and piano; Tangos Op. 82 (1982), for eleven instruments; Balada Op. 84 (1982-83), for violoncello and piano; Glosas Op. 91 (1984), for violin and guitar; For Young Violinists Op. 96 (1986-87), for three parts of violins; Gyrocantus Op. 98 (1987), for flute, clarinet harpsichord, and light percussions; Midsummer Diversions Op. 99 (1987), for violoncello and tuba; Partita Op. 100 (1988), for alto saxophone and piano trio; Three Fanfares Op. 107 (1994), for brass quintet; Encuentros, Variations on two themes by Schubert Op. 114 (1997), for string quartet and piano; String Quartet No. 2, Op. 110 (1995); Espacios Op. 115 (1998), rhapsody for cello and piano; Secuencias Op. 120 (2001), for alto sax and percussions; Turns and Returns Op. 121 (2002), for violin and piano; Movimiento concertante Op. 123 (2003), for alto sax and string quartet; String Quartet No. 3, Op. 124 (2003); String Quartet No. 4, Op. 125 (2004); Estancias del recuerdo (Dwellings of remembrace) Op. 126 (2007), for flute, clarinet, string quartet, and piano.

Solo Vocal Music

Dos canciones Op. 4 (1937), for medium voice on poems by G. M. de Jovellanos and G. Mistral; Canciones en tres movimientos Op. 12 (1945); for medium voice and string quartet, on poems by J. Guzmán Cruchaga; Song for Contralto and Piano Op. 15 (1946); Canciones castellanas Op. 20 (1948), for soprano and eight instrumentalists (flute, English horn, clarinet, horn, viola, cello, harp, and percussion) on poems from the Spanish “Golden Century”; Romancillo Op. 23 (1948), for contralto and piano, on a poem by F. de Borja; Cantos de advenimiento Op. 25 (1948), for mezzo-soprano, cello, and piano, on poems by D. de la Vega and G. Mistral; El alba del Alhelí Op. 29 (1950), song cycle for soprano and piano, on poems by R. Alberti; Garden Songs Op. 47 (1959), for high soprano, flute, viola, and harp, on poems by C, Orrego-Salas; Alabanzas a la Virgen Op. 49 (1959), for soprano and piano, on traditional Spanish poems; Palabras de Don Quijote Op. 66 (1970-71), for baritone and chamber ensemble, on words by Cervantes; Psalms Op. 74 (1977), for baritone and piano, on words from the Bible; Canciones en estilo popular Op. 80 (1981), for soprano and guitar, on poems by P. Neruda; Yo digo lo que no digo Op. 83 (1983), for unison voices and folk instruments; Biografía mínima de Salvador Allende Op. 85 (1983), for voice, guitar, distant trumpet, and percussions, on a poem by D. Valjalo; Cinco canciones a seis Op. 87 (1984), for contralto, two violins, clarinet, cello, and piano, on twentieth-century Spanish poems; Ash Wednesday Op. 88 (1988), for contralto and string orchestra, on a poem by T. S. Eliot; Saludo Op. 99bis (1988), for unison voices unacompanied; Canción de cuna para Llorença Gasull Op. 103 (1991), on a poem by the composer for voice and guitar. 

Choral "a capella"

No lloréis mis ojos Op. 3 (1937), for SSA; Villancico Op. 6 (1942), for SATB on a traditional poem; Romance a lo Divino Op. 7 (1942), for SATB on a poem by San Juan de la Cruz; Let Down the Bars, Oh Death! Op. 8 (1945), for SATB on a poem by C. Rosetti; Romances pastorales Op. 10 (1945), for SATB, on poems by Góngora; Romance a la muerte de Don Gato Op. 16 (1946), for TTBB on a traditional Spanish text; Cánones y rondas escolares Op. 17 (1946), for children's voices; Christmas Songs Op. 22 (1948), for SSA or children’s voices; Three Madrigals Op. 62 (1967), for SATB, on an anonymous Spanish poem, and by P. de Quiroz and M. de Santillana; Ave Maria, Op. 111 b (1996), for soprano solo and SATB a cappella.

Solo Instrumental Works: For piano(s)

Variaciones y fuga sobre el tema de un pregón Op. 18 (1946); Diez piezas simples Op. 31 (1951); Rústica Op. 35 (1952); Sonata Op. 60 (1967); Dialogues in Waltz Op. 89 (1984), for piano four-hands; Rondo-fantasía Op. 90 (1984), Diferencias del retablo Op. 102 (1991), for two pianos; Cantango Op. 116 (1998), for two pianos.

Other instruments

Suite para bandoneón Op. 36, (1952); A Greeting Cadenza for William Primrose Op. 65 (1970), for solo viola; Esquinas Op. 68 (1971), for guitar; Variations on a Chant Op. 92 (1984), for harp; Tocata ed arioso Op. 118 (2000), for organ.


La veta del diablo Op. 37 (1952); La caleta olvidada Op. 49, No. 2 (1959).