Recording 2011 - 50 years anniversary of the LAMC

We are pleased to announce the a new collection of CDs commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the LAMC.

The CDs are currently in the final stages of production and will be officially released in during the Conference in October 2011.

Please find the titles and links to each CD's website below or from our specially prepared LAMC recordings page. Each volume has its own dedicated website with information on the list of music, composers, performers and more. If you would like to comment, you can also drop us a line in our LAMC recordings blog.

Latin American Classical CD Series:

Vol. 1 - ...Eco de violín: A Collection of New Latin American Music for Violin with Piano and Electronics

Vol. 2 - Piano de pampa y jungla: A Collection of Latin American Piano Music

Latin American Popular Music Series:

Vol. 1 - Paisaje Urbano - featuring LAPME and El Taller

Vol. 2 - Romance: A Collection of Latin Love Songs - featuring Sylvia McNair