Cuarteto Tanguero Summer Workshop

Tanguero Summer Workshop

July 18 - 23, 2015

The Tanguero Summer Workshop at the IU Jacobs School of Music immerses participants in Argentine Tango music and culture through performance opportunities, lessons, concerts, movies, and the class, "Introduction to Tango Dance for Musicians".

What does Tanguero mean?

“Tanguero” refers to a tango professional, such as a performer, scholar, or someone passionate about any part of tango culture, including history, music, dance or lyrics. If any of these categories describes how you feel about tango, or if you are intersted in learning, this workshop is for you!

All levels of players are welcome!

Features of the program:

Major Ensemble: All participants will be placed in one of the two major ensembles of the workshop - each will focus on orchestral styles of the golden age of tango.   

Workshops: The camp will have two lectures and two workshops focusing on Tango language and techniques. These are meant for players of all levels and will offer an insight into the elements that are ‘behind the notes on the page’. Just like Jazz, bluegrass or baroque music, Argentine tango relies on performance practice with the musical score acting as a guide or a chart. Participants will gain a better understanding of the musical language of tango and be able to apply these practices and express themselves through tango.

Masterclasses: In addition to the two Workshops, two special ‘hands-on’ masterclasses focusing on the skills learned. An addition topic will cover arranging solutions for small groups.  Music will be sent before the workshop begins.

Concerts and Milongas: All participants will have the opportunity to perform in the Tango Gala  Concert and Milonga on Saturday, July 27th at the Waldron Arts Center. This will be followed by a presentation from Cuarteto Tanguero. On Friday, July 26th, workshop participants will gather at the Waldron for a Tango Jam session with local musicians and Cuarteto Tanguero. 

Movie Night: Part of learning the musical language is understanding the culture! We will have a movie night on Wednesday, July 23rd featuring an Argentine movie that relates to tango.

Dance Class: Introduction to dance for musicians is a program designed to get you started in the basics of Argentine Tango steps. It will also give insight into what to expect in a Milonga (the social event) either in Argentina or the US. We will have experienced guest teachers to guide you through, creating a complete immersion experience - If you already dance tango, please come and encourage your colleagues to Tango Dance. This skill is part of the language and a great addition to understanding the pacing of the music (in addition to being great exercise and fun) and you might catch Ben dancing!