Tanguero (Tango) Summer Workshop


Tanguero Summer Workshop and Academy
July 24-29, 2016

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Indiana University and the Tanguero Workshop and Academy welcome everyone.
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The Tanguero Workshop and Academy brings together students and Argentine Tango professionals from around the world for an immersive educational experience within one of the world's top music schools.

Each morning begins with a participatory lecture class on a specific element of tango performance practice.  Following the lecture, students will have chamber music ensembles, work time, practice time, and coaching scheduled on an individual basis.  After lunch the workshop continues with orchestras and piano master classes, followed arranging or tango dance, and an evening activity.

Ensemble repertoire will be chosen from the collections of Julian Peralta, Pablo Aslan, and Cuarteto Tanguero and contain both traditional and modern Argentine Tangos.  The Tanguero Workshop and Academy does not specifically address playing “a la parilla” but if there are enough interested participants this can be accommodated in the morning small group ensemble time.

For both Adult and Youth (ages 12 and up) Bandoneonistas, Violinists, Violists, Cellists, Bassist*, and Pianists*.

* new in 2015

Featured Guest Lecturers

aslanPablo Aslan
 Argentine born Pablo Aslan is in demand for his skills as a producer and as bassist, and his knowledge of traditional and contemporary tango. He created Avantango in 1994 to explore the fusion of tango and jazz, and has since become a pioneering figure in the jazz-tango movement.

His most recent CD is "Piazzolla in Brooklyn" (Soundbrush Records 2011), a tribute to the late Nuevo Tango master. In it, he recreates Piazzolla’s 1959 Jazz Tango experiment “Take Me Dancing” with his Buenos Aires based quintet, including Piazzolla’s grandson on drums. His CD "Tango Grill" (Zoho Music 2010) was nominated for a 2010 Latin Grammy Award for Best Tango Album and a Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album.

Julián Peralta


For the first time lecturing in the United States, Julián Peralta will be joining us from ARGENTINA this year!

One of the most prominent tango artists in Argentina today, Julian is a sought after musician and lecturer on Argentine Tango in Argentina and Europe.

Peralta formed and directed several tango orchestras including Orquesta Tipica Fernandez Fierro and his current projects Astillero and Orquesta Típica Julián Peralta. He collaborated with artists such as Kenneth Branagh in the production Romeo and Juliet (original music and musical direction) and wrote “the book” on Tango, La Orquesta Típica. Mecánica y aplicación de los fundamentos técnicos del Tango.

Ensemble Placement

Musicians will be placed in ensembles based on a variety of factors including interest and ability.  After registration you will be contacted by a staff member, and may be asked to participate in a short interview to assess your needs and to facilitate ensemble placement.  For those registered by May 1, ensemble placements will be made and music will be distributed by May 15.

Features of the Program

Elements of Argentine Tango Performance: A participatory group class on specific performance practice elements of of various Tango orchestras.

Tango Arranging (elective): A hands on tango arranging course with opportunities to have your arrangements played by faculty and students.

Introduction to Tango dance for musicians (elective): Introduction to tango dance for musicians is a program designed to get you started in the basics of Argentine Tango dance. It will also give you insight into what to expect in a Milonga (the social dance event) either in Argentina or the US, and you might catch Ben dancing!

Bandoneón Practice Techniques: This class will contain specific techniques to get more out of every practice session.

Practical Amplification Tips for Tango Musicians: A class on general stage mic’ing techniques for acoustic instruments, including a discussion of common challenges specific to Tango ensembles.

Tango Orchestra:  Everyone will play in an Orquesta Típica (Traditional Tango Orchestra).  Styles and levels will vary by ensemble.

Chamber Music Ensembles (optional): Groups will be arranged according to individual playing level; every effort is made to arrange compatible groups.  Performed ensembles may participate.  Ensembles will receive daily coaching from faculty.

Tango Jam Session: An opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in an informal setting.  We will “Jam” together on lead sheets of popular tango music until we get tired.

Faculty Recital: A concert performance of the Workshop faculty.

Movie Night: Part of learning the musical language is understanding the culture! We will have a movie night featuring an Argentine movie that relates to tango.

“La Cumparsita” performed by workshop participants in 2014