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Frequently Asked Questions 

Example of Daily Schedule

If I do not request a roommate, will I be assigned with someone the same age as me?
Yes. We make our assignments based on your year in school. Occasionally students are assigned with someone a bit older or a bit younger; however, every effort is made to match students up with someone the same age.
Should I bring any money to the Clinic?
Most students bring about $40-$50. Technically the cost of the Clinic covers all lodging, meals, etc.; however, many of the students choose to eat at places like Mother Bear’s Pizza and to buy souvenirs from places like TIS Bookstore. We also have a Night at the Union and having some pocket money would pay for games and food.
What else should I bring?
Please see Packing Checklist.
What do I need to prepare for auditions?
Click on "Auditions" in the left menu.