Tony Weinstein, 2015 Adjunct Faculty

Tony Weinstein holds B.M. and B.A. degrees from Oberlin College and an M.M. and Performer's Diploma from Indiana University, where he is now pursuing doctoral studies. He is in his third year as Director of the Accompanying Center at DePauw University, where he also teaches secondary piano and serves as staff accompanist. Concurrently he is Adjunct Professor of Piano at Vincennes University, as well as an instructor of piano and music theory in IU's Young Pianists Program. Prior to these appointments, he served as an Associate Instructor of piano and music theory as well as Coordinator of Piano Accompanying at Indiana University. In addition to his activities as a solo recitalist, he is an avid collaborative pianist and chamber music partner.

A fourth-generation musician who grew up in what is now Ukraine, Tony pursued a number of other interests when young, coming to "pre-professional" piano study significantly later than his heritage, the juggernaut that is the Russian musical tradition, would deem acceptable. As a child, he sang in an award-winning choir, with which he won prestigious competitions in Cantonigrós (Catalonia) and Varna (Bulgaria) and performed in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, and throughout the former USSR.

Following his family's immigration to Cincinnati, he found his way almost by accident to the School for Creative and Performing Arts, where he gradually grew more serious about the piano under the guidance of Derison Duarte. He went on to study piano performance (with Haewon Song and Sedmara Rutstein) as well as music history, and pure mathematics at Oberlin College, from which he graduated with Honors and having completed a research project in commutative algebra. Once having met Prof. Luba Edlina-Dubinsky at a summer chamber music program, he could not imagine continuing his studies anywhere but Indiana University. Thus far he has continued to evade a narrowly focused career, teaching piano and an array of other music subjects to students of widely varying ages and backgrounds. He is in demand as accompanist and vocal coach, with special emphasis on Russian lyric diction, and performs in piano duo with his wife Karina Avanesian. Having recently completed a project on the vocal works of Olivier Messiaen with soprano Sally Freeland, he is currently involved, along with his sister, mezzo-soprano Yana Weinstein, in a project on the songs of Nicolai Medtner: performance, translations, and IPA transcriptions. His recent concert appearances include the University of Louisville, the Taft Museum in Cincinnati, and Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C.