Steve Zegree Vocal Jazz Camp


  Participant Comments

"This camp was truly life changing to me. It helped me find out what I truly wanted to do. Thank You!"

High school student, California

"What an amazing week. Thank you all for pushing, encouraging, expecting, modeling and respecting us".

High school teacher, New York

"It was priceless, well received and I can say that I will take back with me the tools I need. The light bulb lit up!"

College teacher, Texas

"Can't really put my thoughts and feelings into words about how fabulous this week has been. I feel as refreshed and invigorated as a teacher as I have ever felt in my career or from ANY workshop, clinic or in-service/professional growth experience that I have ever attended."

High school teacher, Illinois

"Thank you for the most unbelieveable experience of my life."

Adult "fantasy"camper, Michigan

"There will be no archery, horseback riding or campfires at THIS camp!!"

Dr. Steve Zegree

 "I loved the positive atmosphere at the camp that allowed people to step out of their comfort zone and take a risk."

High school student, Ohio

"The camp has literally changed my life and has motivated me to go as far in music as I possibly can."

High school student, Illinois

"This camp has changed my outlook on music and life. This camp has gone far, far beyond my expectations. It was spectacular."

High school student, Michigan

"This camp is one of the greatest things to happen to me in any summer. I showed me a whole new side to music that I am now very engrossed in."

High school teacher, Iowa

"Excellent workshop-I still am in awe of how much I have learned and retained this week."

High school teacher, Canada

"I really enjoyed this experience and I learned so much.  Thank you for this chance to improve my music skills.  I especially enjoyed the diversity of the activities.  I was never bored!"

High school student, New York"

"I loved the camp.  I felt the staff was friendly and open and giving to both students and teachers.  It’s also apparent that you all enjoy and respect each other.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this special week."

College student, Florida

"It was so much more than I expected!  All the people are amazing and I met so many friends!"

High school student, Wisconsin

"A great camp!  I will send more students next year to this camp."

High school teacher, Colorado

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