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Go to the online application. Your email is your user name. Create a password and retain for future access to the account. If you are not applying for financial aid or a merit award, then you may complete the payment process with a credit card or check immediately following registration on the application itself.

If you are applying for Financial Aid or a Merit Award, please choose to pay by check, and see details below.

Please check for Deadlines and Forms!

Fall 2015 Online Registration: Click here!

To make changes to your account including adding tuition, or to make a payment, please see the directions HERE.

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Non-refundable Registration Fee: $15

Financial Aid Application Fee: $10

One 60-minute private lesson per week: $540

Two 30-minute private lessons per week (for younger children and beginners): $540

Music Theory: $85 (see below)

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Fall Application Deadline: tbd (*late registrants permitted at permission of the Director)

Financial Aid Application Deadline: tbd (see financial aid below for instructions)

Tuition and Fees Deadline: tbd (unless applying for financial aid)

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Please download the safety and media release forms [PDF], sign, and bring to first lesson. These are needed annually.

(optional) Download the financial aid application and follow the instructions outlined on the form to return.

Tuition Remissions

  • Tuition Remissions rarely exceed 30% of tuition fees
  • Notifications are sent prior to the start of Fall or Spring semesters only
  • Partial fee remissions may be awarded on the basis of financial need, artistic merit, or a combination of these two
  • A student wishing to be considered for both types of aid must submit two applications, one of each type
  • Tuition remissions are renewable, contingent upon satisfactory progress and/or ongoing financial need
  • International students may apply for merit-based awards but are not eligible for financial aid. Only U.S. citizens and Permanent Legal Residents may apply for financial aid
  • To be considered for financial aid, a student must have studied piano in the Young Pianists Program for at least one semester or be completing their first term of the program. This rule is waived for students who sucessfully complete the 7-week Piano Pedagogy (E493) practicum
  • All financial aid applications are held in strictest confidentiality: the financial aid committee and the pre-college programs coordinator who serves as the parent advocate are the only persons who see the application and tax forms
  • If artistic merit or financial aid is not awarded to an applicant or if there is a balance after the tuition remission is applied, then the balance owed is due immediately

Financial Aid

Financial Aid may be awarded to families who have a total family income under $35,000 per year or have a student that currently qualify for his or her school's free or reduced price lunch program.

International students may apply for a merit-based scholarship but are not eligible for financial aid. Only U.S. citizens and Permanent Legal Residents may apply for financial aid.

Step 1:

Use the online registration procedure to create your student record. Tuition payment is not required at this time. Pay only the registration fee ($15) and financial aid fee ($10) at this time. Upon complrtion of the $25 payment, go to step 2.

Step 2:

Download the financial aid application Click Here

mail the following 3 items below  to the address on the financial aid application

  • Completed financial Aid application
  • Copies of parent/guardian's most recent completed Federal Tax Form
  • Copies of W2's

Step 3:

Once the tuition waiver, if any, has been determined, families will be contacted by email and given further instruction. At that time, you will be able to return to the student's record using the same user name and password, and pay remaining fees. Student may begin lessons while financial aid is being determined. If no financial aid is awarded, the entire amount will be owed.

Questions? Please contact: the Office of Pre-College and Summer Programs at musicsp@indiana.edu or call (812) 855-6025

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Artistic Merit Awards

Step 1:

Use the online registration procedure to create your student record. Pay only the $15 registration fee. Tuition payment is not required at this time. Submit a written letter request for consideration of merit award. Please include which program you are applying for. Email your request to karmtayl@indiana.edu. Address it to Dr. Karen Taylor.

Letter Criteria:

State the reasons why the student deserves a merit-based award. The determination of merit awards is based primarily on the following factors:

  • talent and proficiency as demonstrated in performances and lessons
  • progress and work ethic (evaluated in consultation with principle teacher)
  • information provided in the application letter
  • successful past participation in Young Pianists or other pre-college music programs

Be specific when writing your letter of request. Among the topics you may wish to address:

  • musical activities past and present: recitals, school and church performances, music clubs, summer music camps, etc.
  • musical achievement: honors and awards received, competitive auditions won, performances in master classes or selective events, scholarships or grants for music study
  • any musical accomplishment you are proud of
  • additional considerations: tell us anything else you feel we should know; e.g. you may want to mention the student's feelings about music, dedication, or musical ambitions; or you may want to discuss special circumstances you would like us to take into account

Note: Competition for merit awards is intense, and the budget is small. Students who are young and have not studied piano for long are unlikely to receive merit aid. Letters requesting merit awards should be concise and to the point. Renewal letters can be very brief. The director will consult with an applicant's teacher regarding lesson attendance, practice habits, general progress, etc.

If you have any questions or if your situation changes due to new financial of medical circumstances, please click on "Contact Us" in the left menu for contact information.

Step 2:

Once the award has been determined, families will be notified by email. At that time, return to student record using same user name and password, and pay remaining fees.

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Courtesy Discounts for Multiple Siblings or Classes

Piano Lessons Discount: Families with 3 or more children enrolled concurrently in the Young Pianists Program are eligible for a $150 discount each semester (one discount per family).

Theory Class Discount: Families with 2 or more children in the Young Pianists program are eligible for discounted Theory tuition. The Theory discount is $40 for each child who is enrolled in piano lessons and 2 theory classes concurrently; up to a maximum of $120 per family. The same discount applies if there is one child taking 2 theory classes.

If 2 or more children are in piano lessons and 1 is taking 2 theory classes, each theory class will be discounted $40 up to $120 per family

If 2 or more children are in piano lessons and both are taking 2 theory classes, each theory class will be discounted $40 up to $120 per family

  • Courtest discounts are only offered during the academic year and are not automatically deducted from the tuition fees
  • To request a courtest discount, simply mark the appropriate line on the student's registration and adjust your check accordingly. Tuition, minus any discount, is normally payable in full at the time of registration.
  • ***Please note: discounts are NOT automatically applied to accounts when this option is chosen, but are subject to the approval by the Program Director and the Special Programs office. You may delay your payment until any requested discount is approved. Contact musicsp@indiana.edu with questions

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Refund Policy

Requests for withdrawal must be submitted prior to the third class and are subject to the approval of the director.  A cancellation fee of $50 will be assessed plus a prorated cost of lessons given will be assessed and withheld from the refund.

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