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Pre-College Recorder Program Information

Fall semester: Begins Jan. 9th, 2012

                    Ends May. 4th, 2012

The Pre-College Recorder Program, welcomes all prospective recorder students and their families to our recorder program.

The Pre-College Recorder Program offers students ages 7-18 years old in the Bloomington community the opportunity to study the recorder through both weekly private lessons and ensemble classes. Our lessons are open to students who enjoy music; no previous musical training is required. We use repertoire from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras – called early music – as well as modern music for the instrument. Students are provided a strong foundation in basic musicianship, while being taught techniques specific to the recorder, including proper breathing, articulation and fingering, as well as relaxed posture & mind/body awareness. Our curriculum is tailored to serve serious pre-professionals, as well as those students who wish to learn the recorder simply because they love its sound.

A recital at the end of each semester - located in one of the beautiful performance halls at the Jacobs School of Music - and other local, public performances, encourages each student to develop solo & ensemble performance skills and experience the joy and satisfaction of making music in the company of others.

Our program encourages family music-making! We will work with families to include repertoire so that Mom, Dad, or a sibling can practice & perform in a recital with our Pre-College Recorder Program student.

The first lessons of a musician's life are so very important. Our recorder lessons provide a supportive, enriching and safe environment in which a young musician can explore & develop his or her own music-making abilities with the ancient woodwind called a recorder.