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String Academy Contact Information

Christina Hightower: 812-856-1523 or crunnacl [at] indiana [dot] edu (registration and violin information)

Susan Moses: 812-339-9322 or bloom [at] indiana [dot] edu (cello information)

Mimi Zweig: 812-855-8334 or zweig [at] indiana [dot] edu

Brenda Brenner: 812-855-0989 or bbrenner [at] indiana [dot] edu

Gwen Chan: 812-334-3642;

Emily Nehus: 812-322-4718 or enehus [at] indiana [dot] edu

Helen Ford: 812-334-4035 or hsford [at] indiana [dot] edu

Maria Jose Romero:

Asia Doike:

Tze-Ying Wu:

Rose Sciaroni:

Mercedes Lysaker:

For questions about applications, fees, and any other administrative issues, please contact the Office of Pre-college and Summer Programs at:

Phone: (812) 855-6025

Mailing Address:

Office of Pre-College & Summer Programs
IU Jacobs School of Music
1201 East 3rd Street, Merrill Hall 006
Bloomington, Indiana 47405