Audition Information

Ballet Requirements

(prescreen and audition required)

Bachelor of Science in Music (B.S.)
Bachelor of Science in Music and an Outside Field (B.S.O.F.)



Ballet applicants must submit a prescreening video recording via the JSoM Supplemental Application by December 1, 2019.

Prescreen requirements:
  • Dress Code:  Female applicants must wear pointe shoes for the duration of the video, leotard and pink tights – NO SKIRTS PLEASE! Male applicants should wear a fitted t-shirt and tights.
  • Content: (please note, video recording should not exceed 10 minutes)
    • At the Barre: Developpes on one side and Grand Battements on the other. No additional barre exercises are needed.
    • In the Centre:  Adagio both sides (showing 1st arabesque), Pirouettes both sides, Small Jumps, Petit Allegro and Grand Allegro.
  • Prescreen Results:   Faculty review prescreens the week after the deadline. Prescreen decisions are sent via email.


If your prescreen is accepted, you will be scheduled for one of the following audition dates:

  • Fri. January 17, 2020
  • Fri. February 7, 2020
  • Fri. March 6, 2020

*Date preferences can be selected in the JSoM Supplemental Application.

What to expect at your audition:
  • The ballet audition consists of taking an entire class in ballet technique. Note: females are required to take the entire class on pointe.
  • Applicants must bring a resume and two 8x10 photos: one in 'first arabesque' and one headshot.
  • Dress code: Female auditioners should wear a leotard and pink tights and male auditioners should wear a fitted t-shirt and tights.
  • Prepared solo variations are not required.
  • A special information session for ballet applicants is offered after the audition around 11:00am. Parents and family are also welcome to attend this event!

Special circumstances:

  • If you are unable to make one of the audition dates, ad hoc auditions can be arranged subject to prior approval.
    • To request an ad hoc audition, email
    • Ad hoc auditions can only be arranged during the spring semester.
    • Both the IU application and the JSoM Supplemental application must be complete and submitted before an adhoc audition can be scheduled.
  • Recorded auditions are not recommended and will be accepted only when it is not possible to arrange a live audition. To inquire about a recorded audition, email
    • If permission is granted for a video audition, your video requirements are as follows:
      • Barre and Centre work (all on pointe for females)
      • A classical variation of your choice
      • Note, the total length of the recorded audition should be approximately 20 minutes. 
    • Video recorded auditions must be submitted via the JSoM Supplemental Application.