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More Information

Music Minor for
Non-Music Majors

Application (Online)

To declare a music minor, you must complete a minor form online at the link above.  You must have a declared major in another school (not in University Division) in order to apply.


20 credits hours, of which at least 15, including a minimum of one core course, must be taken on the Bloomington campus. A grade of C- or better is required in all courses.

  • Core, 6 credit hours -- one of the following combinations: MUS Z111 and Z101; T109 and T151; T109 and Z101; or a combination of higher MUS-Z theory classes  (MUS-T109 credit may be earned by completion of Music Fundamentals Online
  • Ensemble, 2 credit hours -- 2 semesters of X1 (non-major ensemble);  or AAAD-A110 African American Choral Ensemble (2 cr.), or by audition 1 semester (2 cr.) of X40 Instrumental Ensemble, X70 Choral Ensemble, X30 Ballet Ensemble, X50 Marching Hundred, X60 Early Music ensemble, AAAD-A120 Soul Revue; or Z100 The Live Musical Experience; or Z161 Steel Drumming or Z162 Hand Drumming or Z130 Musical Performance Contexts (3 cr.).
  • Music Electives, 12 credit hours.  Typically MUS-Z courses.  A maximum of 3 credit hours in elective performance study (Z110, L101, L102, L121, L122, P110, P120, Z165 or Z175) are counted. No credit hours may be in ensemble. At least 9 credit hours must be at the 300 level or higher.

    The program offers courses towards the Minor in Music, covering topics from the history of Western classical music to Jazz, Rock 'n' Roll, the Silk Road, Multimedia, Musical Theatre, Remixing and more. The minor consists of courses designed specifically for the general student.  There are no admission requirements and the minor may be entered with almost any MGS course in any order, including the rock history sequence: Z201-Z203 (History of Rock 'n’ Roll, Parts I-III), Z401- Z405 (Beatles, Zappa, Hendrix, Beach Boys, Dylan), or many others. For the full list, see:

Non music major opportunities

Private Lessons

Any student may register for non-major lessons on an instrument. The course number is MUS Z110, listed by instrument/voice section for 2 credit hours. You will be notified by email of your teacher assignment during the first week of classes.


Any student may register for the all campus ensembles (X1) for 1 credit hour. These ensembles rehearse one or two evenings per week and do not require an audition.

If you wish to audition for a major ensemble (X*0), contact the following offices for audition information.

  • Band Department-812-855-1372
    Marching Hundred, Concert bands
  • Choral Office-812-855-0427
    Singing Hoosiers, International Vocal Ensemble, various choirs
  • Early Music Ensembles-812-855-4088
  • Instrumental Office-812-855-9804
    Jazz Bands, Orchestras