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E-mail: musug [at] indiana [dot] edu

  • musicdus [at] indiana [dot] edu (Prof. Joey Tartell), Director
  • ewoodley [at] indiana [dot] edu (Erin Smith), Advisor
  • wtilghma [at] indiana [dot] edu (Bill Tilghman), Recorder
  • Emily Sclar, Secretary
More Information

The Music Undergraduate Office can help you and answer any questions about registration.

Undergraduate registration process

Please refer to the current Schedule of Classes for deadlines.  The basic registration procedure involves the following steps:

  1. Look up your Registration Appointment on one.iu.edu.  This is the first time the system will allow you to register for classes.
  2. Turn a Program Planning Sheet or submit a list through the online planner with all the courses (including class numbers & studio teacher's name) in to our office for processing, allowing 24 hours. There is an advising hold on your record until you complete this step. 
  3. Pick up your approved Program Planning Sheet or receive an email response to the planner and register online at one.iu.edu on the date and time assigned to you.
Reminders and Tools to use

Remember that you must be registered in 14 credits hours without I400 and can take up to 20 credit hours under the full time flat tuition range.

Use your Academic Advisement Report, iGPS plan and Degree maps in one.iu.edu for degree requirements and course information.

A good place to browse the Schedule of Classes without knowing specific courses numbers is registrar.indiana.edu.

For the best course availability, be ready to register at your assigned registration time.

If you are interested in meeting with an advisor, call or stop by the office for an appointment.  We do not schedule appointments by email.  We schedule students in registration priority so please know your registration date and allow 2-3 days for an appointment.  Seniors go first, then juniors, etc. based on total number of credit hours earned.

Some performance teachers will turn in a list of students they will accept into their studios for the semester. Please check in our office to see if your teacher has submitted a list of students. If your name is on your teacher's list, you do not need to get that teacher's signature on your Program Planning Sheet. If your name is not on the list, you will need that teacher's signature on your Program Planning Sheet BEFORE turning it in to the Music Undergraduate Office.

If you have no teacher preference for performance study or cannot obtain a teacher's signature, there will be an unassigned section. You will be assigned to a studio the first week of classes. No signature is necessary for the unassigned section. Every effort should be made to obtain a teacher's signature and to be accepted into a studio during Continuing Student Registration so you can register in that teacher's section.

Multiple Late Withdrawal Policy