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The following courses are offered by the Ballet Department. Please check the Schedule of Classes for course offerings each semester and consult individual course entries in this schedule for information on course prerequisites and corequisites.

MUS  J100 - Ballet Elective/Secondary

MUS  J208 - Conditioning for the Ballet Body

Injury prevention is an important part of ballet education. Principles of physical therapy, Pilates, and basic floor exercises will be used to train muscles to be strong enough to support all ballet work and supple enough to move freely with as little tension as possible.

MUS  J210 - Jazz Dance

A study of jazz dance, including early jazz and musical comedy as well as contemporary styles. Emphasis on current locomotor jazz techniques.

MUS  J220 - Contemporary Ballet

Study of contemporary ballet movement. Students will work towards the coordination of full body use as applied to musical expression. Contemporary repertoire will be taught and refined and students will gain confidence in this genre. Students will be able to apply their contemporary corrections to all their classical ballet practices.

MUS  J340 - Ballet Pedagogy

A current approach to the theory and practice of teaching classical ballet.

MUS  J400 - Ballet Majors

Daily technique classes, including pointe, for students in the BS and BSOF Ballet degree programs. Performance emphasis.

MUS  J410 - Choreography Workshop

A practical study of the craft of making dances using classical ballet technique.

MUS  J700 - Ballet Graduate Elective