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Welcome to the Horn Area of the Jacobs School of Music website!

The horn faculty of the Jacobs School of Music runs one of the most comprehensive musical training programs in the world. Renowned for their performances and pedagogy, the faculty share their immeasurable diversity of experience with every student. This makes attending Indiana University an exciting and enlightening experience.

Indiana University Horn Department

Horns 2015-16

Students of the Indiana University Horn Department

The 46 horn students of the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music are already familiar with the riches this school has to offer: numerous performing opportunities (including six orchestras, three bands, three jazz ensembles, a New Music Ensemble, a Historical Performance Institute, and countless chamber music opportunities) and a comprehensive academic music curriculum, all within a diverse university community.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with this unique school and encourage you to visit the Jacobs School of Music. Contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid or one of the current horn students for more information.