Choral Department

Choral Auditions - Fall 2019

David Villanueva

Administrative Director

Choral Auditions - Fall 2019

Choral auditions begin on Wednesday, August 21st and conclude on Saturday, August 24th. Sign up for your choral audition via the Canvas learning management systerm beginning mid-July, 2019.

When are auditions held?

Wednesday August 21, 10:30am-6:30pm in Ford Hall

Thursday August 22: 10am-7pm in Ford Hall

Friday August 23: 10am-6:00pm in Ford Hall

Saturday August 24: 10am-5pm in Ford Hall

These are not drop-in auditions, please sign up for a specific audition time.

Schedule your audition as early in the week as possible.

For complete details on signing up for an audition, check out our Ensembles & Audition Info page.

David Villanueva, Administrative Director, Choral Department
Email: dvillanu (at)
Phone: (812) 855-0427
Office: Music Annex, MA051