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Recent MP3 Recordings and Videos of music by IU composers in performances by IU students and faculty. A growing library of videos is also found on Youtube.


Claude Baker  | David Dzubay  | Don Freund  | John Gibson
P.Q. Phan  | Aaron Travers  | Chi Wang

Alumni & Students

Elliott Bark (DM)  |  Alex Berko (BM) Ryan Chase (DM)  | Yihan Chen (BM) | Francisco Cortés-Álvarez (DM)
Corey Dundee (BM) |  Max Grafe (BM) |  Joshua Groffman (DM) | 
Yie Eun Chun (DM)  |  Brian Ciach (DM)
Tonia Ko (MM) |  Qi Li (BM) |  Eric Lindsay (DM) |  Grant Luhmann (BM) |  Paul Mortilla | Clint Needham (DM)
Jeremy Podgursky (DM) | Liam Ramsey-White   |  Will Rowe | Sean Shepherd (BM) |  Jacob Shrum (BM) 
Phillip Sink (DM)   | Steven Snethkamp (DM) |  Jonathan Sokol (DM) | Christopher LaRosa (DM)
Nicholas Landrum (DM) | Jay Hurst (DM)

The annual New Voices orchestra concert, conducted by Prof. David Dzubay.

2019 archived at IUMusicLive. Music by John William Griffiths II, Stephen Karukas, Robert Rankin,
           Ara Cho, Patrick Holcomb.
2018 archived at IUMusicLive. Music by Erik Ransom, Will Trachsel, John Griffith, Yi-De Chen, 
           Liam Ramsey-White, Lang Chen
2017 Nicholas Landrum, Christopher LaRosa, Paul Mortilla, Liam Ramsey-White, Curtis N. Smith

Recent IU New Music Ensemble recordings of student compositions (mostly live)
New Music Ensemble commissions (more info)

2019 Katherine Bodor (graduate) | Angiogenesis
2019 Matthew Schultheis (undergraduate) | Archons
2018 Kyle Rotolo | Conquering Sun
2017 Felipe Tovar-Henao | Danzas encefálicas
2016 Phillip Sink | Argle Bargle | PDF score | Web | E-mail
2015 Jay Hurst | kodama  | VideoPDF score |  Web  |  E-mail
2014 Chris Renk | The World of Tomorrow  | Web | E-mail
2013 Jeremy Podgursky |  As A Spell, Against Falling Objects (or How I Learned to Love Gravity)  |  PDF score |  Web |  E-mail
2012 Francisco Cortés-Álvarez |  Canta y no llores  |  PDF score |  Web |  E-mail
2011 Ryan Chase |  Do it Live!  |   PDF score |  Web | E-mail
2010 Teddy Niedermaier |  Upon this Rock |   PDF score |  Web | E-mail
2009 Eric Nathan |  One Voice  |  PDF score | Web | E-mail
2008 Clint Needham |  Crossing Brooklyn Ferry  | PDF score | Publisher |  Web, E-mail

Georgina Joshi Composition Commission Award ( more info)

2019 Patrick Holcomb | TBA
2018 Matthew Recio | In the Desert
2017 Christopher LaRosa | Nights of 1998
2016 Texu Kim | Lotus Voice | PDF Score | Web | E-mail
2015 Yie Eun Chun |  Read My Riddle!  | Video | PDF Score Web  |  E-mail
2014 Erik Ransom | A Prayer in Spring  | PDF ScoreWeb | E-mail
2013 Chappell Kingsland |  Dans l'espoir de ce jour  |  PDF score | Web | E-mail
2012 Tonia Ko |  Many Splendid Forgettings  |  PDF score | Web | E-mail
2011 Brian Ciach |  Road Trip  | PDF score | Web | E-mail
2010 Eric Lindsay |  Piano  |  PDF score | Publisher | E-mail
2009 Adam Haws |  âzmân-khez  | PDF score | Web | E-mail


2016 Jeremy Podgursky |  Gonna Get Your Soul Start Dancing  | PDF Score | Web | E-mail
2015 Michael Sweeney |  Chamber Symphony | PDF score |  Web |  E-mail
2014 Ryan Chase |  Ghost of the Machine  |  PDF score |  Web |  E-mail
2013 Eric Lindsay |  Icarus  |  PDF score |  Web |  E-mail
2013 Gabriel Lubell | Jim, Jimi, and James  | PDF score | Web | E-mail
2013 Tim Miller | Organsim  |  PDF score |  Web |  E-mail
2011 Jonathan Sokol |  Gradient Waves  |  PDF score |  Web |  E-mail
2011 Justin Grossman |  At Last The Secret is Out | PDF score | Web | E-mail


2016 Elizabeth Ogonek | all streams reach the sea at last | PDF score | Web | E-mail
2015 Dan Bradshaw | Hall of Mirrors | PDF score |  Web  | E-mail
2014 Kenneth Froelich |  Through Cloudy and Cracked Lenses   | PDF score |  Web  | E-mail
2012 Dorothy Chang |  Three Windows | PDF score |  Web  | E-mail
2010 Sean Shepherd
 |  These Particular Circumstances    |  PDF score  |   Web  |  E-mail

Commercially available CDs in the New Music from Indiana series
From Perseus Cluster From Perseus Cluster: Chamber Music by P.Q. Phan IUSM-13
AD/DC, Movement, From Perseus Cluster, Kaleidosonicon
IU New Music Ensemble - David Dzubay, conductor; Ensemble Alternance
Flights of Passage Flights of Passage: Chamber Music by Claude Baker IUMusic CD2012-01
Flights of Passage, Three Phantasy Pieces, Elegy for Solo Violin, Tableaux Funèbres, Awaking the Winds; Peter Henderson & Timothy Best, Piano; Daniel Stewart & Sheldon Person, Viola; Christopher Martin, Percussion; Veronique Mathieu & Stanislav Pronin, Violin; Alvin Wong, Cello; IU New Music Ensemble - David Dzubay, conductor
Cover of Life Goes On CD Life Goes On: The Music of Don Freund, Vol. 2    MS30000420
Life Goes On, Sonapartita, Sonatina, Ukranian Fantasy
Don Freund, piano; Steven Moeckel, violin
Cover of Chanson Innocentes CD David Dzubay   Chansons Innocentes   IUSM-13 
Two Celebratory Fanfares, Capriccio, Vision, Chansons Innocentes, Projectus, Labyrinth, HyPER MIX; IU New Music Ensemble, Corey Cerovsek, Shigeo Neriki, John Rommel, James Aikman
CIver if Signals CD Signals  Instrumental and Electroacoustic Music of Jeffrey Hass     IUSM-12 
Concerto for Amplified Piano and Wind Ensemble, Keyed Up, Lost in the Funhouse, Fantasy for Violin and Piano, City Life;  IU Wind Ensemble, IU New Music Ensemble, Paul Barnes, Ann Chang-Barnes, Lina Bahn
Clouds cover Eugene O'Brien   The Clouds of Magellan     IUSM-11 
Embarking for Cythera, The Clouds of Magellan, Fancies and Goodnights, Black Fugatos, In the Country of Last Things;  Indiana University Concert Orchestra, IU New Music Ensemble, Kathryn Lukas, Eli Eban, Bruce Bransby, Bridget Parker
Freund Vol. 1 cover The Music of Don Freund - Vol 1     IUSM-10 
Madam Bovary Suite, Soft Cells, Concerto for Viola, Dissolving Music
Indiana University Concert Orchestra, IU New Music Ensemble,
IU Chamber Orchestra
Fox cover The Music of Frederick Fox - Vol 2     IUSM-09
Impressions, Fantasy for Viola and Piano, Dawnen Grey, Devil's Tramping Ground
Indiana University Symphony Orchestra, Corigliano String Quartet,
IU New Music Ensemble
New Music vol 2 New Music from Indiana University - Vol 2     IUSM-08
Dreamcatcher (Fox),  Pentecost (Freund),  Labyrinth (Dzubay),  Keyed Up (Hass),  Taking Measures (O'Brien)
Indiana University  New Music Ensemble
new music vol 2 New Music from Indiana University - Vol 1     IUSM-05
Awaking the Winds (Baker),  Sussurando (Hass),  Mysteries of the Horizon (O'Brien), Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (Dzubay),  Hard Cells (Freund);   Indiana University  New Music Ensemble
eaton cover The Music of John Eaton     IUSM-04
Aria and Scene from The Cry of Clytaemnestra, From the Cave of the Sybil: Sonority Movement, Ars Poetica, Fantasy Romance, Ajax, A Greek Vision;   Indiana University Harp Ensemble, IU New Music Ensemble
Fox vol 1 The Music of Frederick Fox     IUSM-03
Januaries, Auras, Sonaspheres 5, Time Messages
Indiana University Symphony Orchestra, IU New Music Ensemble
orrego-salas The Music of Juan Orrego-Salas     IUSM-02
Tangos, Glosas, Serenata, Mobili, Violin Concerto
Indiana University Symphony Orchestra, IU New Music Ensemble

Other commercially available CDs featuring current IU Composition faculty 
Claude Baker
Claude Baker Claude Baker: Glass Bead Game (The) / Awaking the Winds / Shadows / The Mystic Trumpeter  CD 8.559642
Claude Baker
Saint Louis Symphony, Slatkin, Vonk (conductors)
available from NAXOS
ccs cover Cleveland Chamber Symphony Vols. 1, 2, & 3   TNC CD 1510-1-2
Awaking the Winds
Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Edwin London, Conductor
available from TNC Recordings
ccm cover Contrasts in Contemporary Music     Aca Digital 20018
Omaggi e fantasie
David Randolph (Tuba), Richard Zimdars (Piano)
songs cover Songs and Night Scenes     Gasparo 286
Nachtszenen; Omaggi e fantasie
Ruth Inglefield (Harp), Michael Cameron (Double Bass), David Liptak (Piano)
rousseau_cover Rousseau/UNT Symphony Orchestra: Saxophone Concertos      Jeanne, Inc.
Lamentations (pour la fin du monde) for Alto/Soprano Saxophones and Orchestra
Eugene Rousseau (saxophone), University of North Texas Symphony Orchestra, David Itkin, Conductor
slatkinyears_cover The Slatkin Years     SLSO
Shadows: Four Dirge-Nocturnes for Orchestra
St. Louis Symphony, Leonard Slatkin, Conductor
David Dzubay
dgb cover all water has a perfect memory     innova 588
String Quartet No. 1, all water has a perfect memory Producing For A While, Delicious Silence, Lament, Volando, Lullaby Chamber Concerto, Kukulkan II, Double Black Diamond (double CD)
IU New Music Ensemble, Orion Quartet, etc.
mb cover Manhattan Brass     Bridge 9230
Brass Quintet, Acrostic Variations, St. Vitus' Dance, Solus I, Antiphonal Fanfare;  Wayne du Maine, Lew Soloff, Ann Ellsworth, Michael Seltzer, David Taylor
AM cover American Midlife     innova 634
Snake Alley, Siren Song, Ra!, Shadow Dance, American Midlife, filaments of memory spin...
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
dgb cover dancesing in a green bay     innova 588
Threnody; Life Songs, Book I - dancesing in a green bay; Capriccio; Life Songs, Book II - Singing the Sun
Voices of Change
mb cover And I Await...     50732-MCD
Snake Alley (band version);  University of South Carolina Wind Ensemble; Scott Weiss, Conductor
mb cover Homage     GIA CD-744
Shadow Dance;  North Texas Wind Symphony; Eugene Migliaro Corporon, Conductor
mb cover Equinox     Urtext 223
Kukulkan II;  Onix Ensamble
Cramer Ray E. Cramer Retirement Concert
Mark Records 5888 MCD 
Fanfares on Re for Ray;  Indiana University Wind Ensemble; Ray E. Cramer, Conductor
Call and Response Call and Response  White Pine Music (700261419169)
Three Night Scenes;  Neil Mueller, Zhizua Tang
wild nights cover Wild Nights!     NAXOS
Shadow Dance
University of Kansas Wind Ensemble, Scott Weiss
hemispheres cover Hemispheres     Klavier KCD11137
University of North Texas Wind Symphony, Eugene Corporon
gypsy cover Gypsy Wheel     Crystal CD 712
Footprints (also music by IU students Mischa Zupko and Matthew Van Brink)
Thomas Robertello, flute; Winston Choi, piano
convergence cover Convergence     Klavier KCD11110
University of North Texas Wind Symphony, Eugene Corporon
convergence cover Beyond the Red Line     Mark Records
Ithaca College Wind Ensemble, Stephen Peterson
cello cover Louisville Orchestra First Edition Recordings     LCD 009
Snake Alley
Louisville Orchestra, Lawrence Leighton Smith
cello cover Sonatas for Cello and Piano     Centaur CRC 2300
Sonata for Cello and Piano
Carter Enyeart, Cello; Adam Wodnicki, Piano
cello cover Sur Pointe     Innova 111
Alexander String Quartet
Don Freund
jubal cover Jubal Songs    Composers Recordings, Inc. 738
Backyard Songs
Jubal Trio: Schadeberg, Christine (Soprano), Kahn, Sue Ann (Flute), Jolles, Susan (Harp)
bgsu cover The Composer's Voice - New Music From Bowling Green   
Albany Records 321
Radical Light
Bowling Green Philharmonia, Emily Freeman Brown
pastiche cover Pastiche    innova 522
Rough and Tumble
verdehr cover The Making of a Medium Vol 4    Crytstal 744
Verdehr Trio
paradigm cover Paradigm    Klavier 11059
Jug Blues & Fat Pickin'
Cincinnati College-Conservatory Wind Symphony, Eugene Corporon
sky cover Sky Scrapings: Saxophone Music by Don Freund Arizona University Recordings 3126
Sky Scrapings, Louder than Words, Killing Time, EDGE: Saxophone Quartet
pdt cover Pas de Trois  Crystal CD358
Louder than Words
available from  Crystal Records (360-834-7022)
suites cover Suites & Partitas of Modern Times Talent Records DOM 2910 125
Sonapartita, Noch Nach Bach
Daniel Rubenstein, violin; Muhiddin Durruglu-Demiriz, piano
new vintage cover New Vintage - Music for Trumpet and Organ    Gothic Records 49127
Breezeworks (Freund); Brunelleschi's Machines (O'Brien)
Clarion Duo : Benjamin, Keith (Trumpet), Steed, Melody Turnquist (Organ)
John Gibson
Traces cover

Thrum / Slumber / Day Trip / Out of Hand / Driptick / Red Plumes / Blue Traces

Innova Recordings

SEAMUS 21 cover

Music from SEAMUS, Vol. 21
Blue Traces for piano and computer
Kati Gleiser, piano

SEAMUS 18 cover Music from SEAMUS, Vol. 18
Slumber (stereo mix)
[re] cover [re] (DVD-Audio / DVD-Video)   Everglade Records (EVG06-01)
Commissions from the Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival
Slumber (5.1 surround sound mix)
VCCM cover Music from the Virginia Center for Computer Music
Centaur Records (CRC 2454)
New York Camerata cover The New York Camerata   Centaur Records (CRC 2152)
A Bao A Qu
Jeffrey Hass
convergence cover Beyond the Red Line     Mark Records
Lost in the Funhouse
Ithaca College Wind Ensemble, Stephen Peterson
American Piano Concertos    
Paul Barnes, Soloist
Concerto for Amplified Piano and Wind Ensemble
Indiana University Wind Ensemble, Ray Cramer
Music from Seamus, vol. 2    
Music from Seamus, vol. 6    
Lost in the Funhouse
Ithaca College Wind Ensemble, Stephen Peterson
Centennial Celebration
All the Bells and Whistles
Indiana University Wind Ensemble, Ray Cramer
P Q Phan
banana cover Banana Trumpet Games    Composers Recordings, Inc. 849
Banana Trumpet Games; Unexpected Desire; Beyond The Mountains;
My Language; Rough-Trax; Rock Blood
Samaris Piano Trio, University of Illinois Percussion Ensemble, others
kronos cover Kronos Quartet - 25 Years    Nonesuch 79504
Memoirs of a Lost Soul: Tragedy at the Opera
Kronos Quartet