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Music in General Studies Minor

The Minor consists of 20 hours, of which at least 15 must be taken on the Bloomington campus.

Core Requirements (8 credit hours)
Courses (6 credits)
  • Z101: Music for the Listener (3)*
  • Z111: Introduction to Music Theory (3)*

*T109 or Z211 may substitute for Z111; T151 may substitute for Z101 and Z111 with the addition of 3 credit hours of music electives.

Ensemble/Live Performance (2 credit hours)

Enroll in either 2 semesters of any of the all-campus ensembles (no audition required), 1 semester of a music major ensemble (audition required), or enroll in MUS-Z 100 "The Live Musical Performance" (2 credits) or MUS-Z 130 "Musical Performance Contexts" (3 credits). See below for a full list of ensembles and audition requirements.

Electives (12 credit hours)

Choose from courses with a Z- prefix. At least 9 of the 12 credits must be at the 300 level or higher.

  • Z103: Special Topics (varied) (3)
  • Z110: Elective Performance Study (a maximum of 3 credits)
  • Z120: Music in Multimedia (3)
  • Z171: Opera Theatre I (3)
  • Z190: Jazz for Listeners (3)
  • Z201: History of Rock Music I: Roots of Rock (3)
  • Z202: History of Rock Music II: Music of the Sixties (3)
  • Z203: History of Rock Music III: The 70s and 80s (3)
  • Z204: Women Musicians (3)
  • Z211: Music Theory II (3)
  • Z250: Choral Masterworks (3)
  • Z260: Music in American Society (3)
  • Z265: American Country Music (3)
  • Z280: Music of the Silk Road (3)
  • Z281: East-West Encounters in Music (3)
  • Z282: Music of Russia (3)
  • Z284: Music in Global Cinema (3)
  • Z290: Remixing (3)
  • Z291: Producing EDM (3)
  • Z311: Music Theory III (3) (P: Z211)
  • Z313: Legal Aspects of the Music Industry (3)
  • Z315: Music for Film (3)
  • Z320: Advanced Special Topics in Music (varied) (3)
  • Z361: Introduction to MIDI and Computer Music (3)
  • Z362: Computer Music: Design/Perform (3)
  • Z373: The American Musical (3)
  • Z385: History of the Blues (3)
  • Z393: History of Jazz (3)
  • Z395: Contemporary Jazz and Soul (3)
  • Z401: The Music of the Beatles (3)
  • Z402: Music of Frank Zappa (3)
  • Z403: Music of Jimi Hendrix (3)
  • Z404: The Music of Bob Dylan (3)
  • Z405: The Music of the Beach Boys (3)
  • Z411: Music Theory IV (3) (P: Z311)
  • Z413: Latin American Popular Music (3)
  • Z415: Connections: Art, Music, Literature (3)
  • M392: Art Musics of the Non-Western World (3)

Many of these courses are on the College Distribution lists for Arts and Humanities and/or World Language and Culture.

Any course in which the student receives a grade below C- may not be used to fulfill a requirement for the minor.

Other opportunities
Private Lessons

Any student may register for non-major lessons on an instrument. The course number is MUS Z110, listed by instrument/voice section for 2 credit hours. You will be notified by email of your teacher assignment during the first week of classes.


Any student may enroll in any of the all-campus ensembles (no audition required) or a music major ensemble (audition required). Participation in the IU Soul Review or the African American Choral Ensemble, offered through IU's African American Arts Institute, also counts toward the music minor.

  • X1: All-Campus Ensemble (Jazz, Orchestra, Choir, Band)
  • Z161: Steel Drumming
  • Z162: Hand Drumming
  • X040: Instrumental Ensemble
  • X070: Choral Ensemble (includes Singing Hoosiers)
  • X030: Ballet Ensemble
  • X050: Marching Hundred
  • X060: Early Music Ensemble
  • X414: Latin American Popular Music Ensemble
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