Music in General Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a non-music student take lessons on an instrument or voice?
Yes! Read through the Non-Music Performance Elective list in the Schedule of Classes. Sign up for the specific Mus Z110 course that corresponds to voice or the instrument you want to study. You may study an instrument without any previous study or training.

How can I participate in a choir, band or orchestra?
There are two types of ensembles: All Campus and School of Music ensembles.

The All-Campus ensembles are open to all students and require no audition. Register for X001 (1 credit). The times and places are announced in the schedule of Classes and on Read about the various All-Campus choirs.

School of Music ensembles
This takes two steps: one is to enroll in X040 or X070 (2 credits) and go through an audition at the beginning of the semester.

Interested in joining a band:
Find instructions for here

Interested in singing in a choir:
Sign up for an audition outside 046 in the Music Annex during the first week of each semester. You may sing a song of your choice, or sing a familiar song, such as "Amazing Grace" or "America." Read about the different choirs here

Frequently Asked Questions about the Minor in Music

What are the qualifications for being accepted as a minor in music?
There are no entrance requirements.

What do I do when I have completed the requirements?
Check your electronic record to see that it shows all of the courses you have taken to fulfill  the requirements. If there are omissions, speak to Erin Woodley in MU011. Otherwise, you don't need to do anything. The minor should appear on your transcript when you graduate.

Can I transfer music credits taken at a different university?
For the course(s) you wish to transfer, bring a course description, course syllabus and the transcript from the other college or university to the Director of Music Undergraduate Studies in from MU011. The course(s) will be evaluated for equivalence to an IU course.

Can I take T109 in place of Z111?
Yes, either Z111, Introduction to Music theory or T109 Rudiments of Music will serve as a part of the core requirement. (T109 is taken by music majors and moves faster and has more content that Z111.)

Can Z103 or Z320 be taken more than one time?
Yes, as long as the course has a different title you can retake Z320 or Z103. All other courses can be taken only one time if they count toward the minor.

What is meant by the performance credits that are listed as electives on the minor?
This is credit for group or private study of voice or an instrument. You can study any number of instruments and 3 credits will serve as electives toward the minor. The options for non-music students are listed under Mus Z110 on