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Alumni of the Jacobs School Guitar Department have an impressive record of achievements as winners of competitions and prizes, as recording artists and soloists, and as appointees at institutions worldwide. To view alumni appointments at institutions in the USA and beyond.

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Alumni Appointments

Jacobs School Guitar Alumni are well-respresented throughout the United states and the world. Recent alumni appointments include:

  • Steven Brew (DM), Guitar Instructor at Tapestry Charter School, Buffalo NY
  • Bret Hoag(MM), Special Lecturer of classical and jazz guitar at Oakland University (Michigan)
  • Daniel Bolshoy (DM), Guitar Lecturer at the Hugh Hodgson School of Music at the University of Georgia
  • Matt Sutton, (MM), full time guitar teacher/performer at Cayman Music School in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • Daniel Duarte, (DM), Visiting Guitar Lecturer at Jacobs School of Music
  • Guido Sanchez, (DM), Guitar Lecturer at University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
  • Cale Hoeflicker, (DM),  Adjunct/Affiliate in Guitar St Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA
  • Erol Ozsever, (DM),  Guitar Lecturer at University of South Florida, Tampa, FL and Guitar Professor at Manatee School for the Arts in Palmetto,Florida
  • Steven Brew (DM), Guitar Instructor at Stone Hill College and Bunker Hill Community, Boston, MA
  • Jonathan Godfrey, (DM), Faculty at the State College of Florida in Bradenton, FL and Music Director for Parrish United Methodist Church in Florida
  • Efrain Hoyos (DM), Professor at the Universidad Pedagogica y Tecnologica de Colombia, in Tunja, Boyaca, Colombia
  • Nemanja Ostojic (DM candidate) - Adjunct Lecturer - University of Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Alan Thomas (MM)  Faculty at University of York(England)and University of Loughborough(England)
  • Jeremy Harting (DM) - Adjunct Lecturer - Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia and at Eastern University, PA
  • Lucas Finney (DM)- Guitar Professor, Music Department Chair,  Mojave High School, Las Vegas, NV
  • Ouk Chung (MM) teaches at Korea National University of Education,  PYEONGTAEK University, and Hwajoong Elementary School in South Korea
  • Maja Radovanlija (DM candidate) teaches at the School of Music at U of Minnesota
  • Andres Saborio (MM) teaches at the University of Costa Rica, and at the Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica
  • Atanas Tzvetkov (PD-MM-DM) Director, Pre-College Guitar Program Indiana University

  • Christopher Kenniff (AD) teaches at Kean University in New Jersey

  • Jeff George (MM) teaches at  the Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette

  • Michael Nigro (BM, PD) teaches at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California

  • Peter Curtis (DM) teaches at Riverside Community College(California)

  • Jeremy Mayne (MM) teaches at the Univ. of New Mexico

  • Denis Azabagic (PD) teaches at the Roosevelt University ,Chicago

  • Nicholas Ciraldo (BM) teaches at the Univ. of Southern Mississippi

  • Laura Ferguson  (MM) teaches at Indiana Univ. Fort Wayne

  • Julio Ribeiro Alves (DM) teaches at Marshall University, Huntington WV

  • Brent Mc Pike (MM-DM) teaches at Indiana State Univ.

  • Marcos Cavalcanti. (DM) teaches at the Northern New Mexico College, NM

  • Cheng Sheng . (DM) teaches at the University at Taiwan

  • Petar Jankovic (MM-AD),  Lecturer at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music