Department of Music Education

Minor in Music Education

Minor in Music Education (15 credit hours)

This minor is suggested for undegraduate students with an interest in music education. It does not meet the requirements for licensure or public school teaching and is not open to students outside the Jacobs School of Music.

Admission requirements: E130 Introduction to Music Learning (2 cr.) Students who complete this course with a grade of B+ or better may declare the minor and continue with the following requirements.

Required courses:

  • E231 General Music Methods K-12 (2 cr.) and EDUC M201 Field Experience (0 cr.)
  • G370 Techniques for Conducting (2 cr.).

One course must be chosen from one of the following areas:

  • String emphasis: E303 Violin/Viola Pedagogy I (2 cr.), E306 Cello Pedagogy (2 cr.), E315 Double Bass Pedagogy or E420 Methods and Materials for Teaching String Music (2 cr.)
  • Choral/General emphasis: F205 Introduction to Instrumental Techniques (3 cr.), F302 Classroom Instrument Techniques (2 cr.), F411 Musical Productions for the Choral Director (2 cr.), F412 The Children’s Chorus (2 cr.), F413 Choral Literature for Music Educators (2 cr.), F414 Music in Early Childhood (2 cr.), or F415 Orff, Dalcroze, Kodály (2 cr.)
  • Wind/Band emphasis: F261 String Class Techniques (2 cr.), F281 Brass Instrument Techniques (2 cr.) with coreq F200 Music Education Instrumental Lab (1 cr.), F337 Woodwind Techniques (2 cr.) with coreq F200 Music Education Instrumental Lab (1 cr.), or F338 Percussion Techniques (2 cr.)

Electives chosen from the above courses or from the following:

E304 Violin/Viola Pedagogy II (2 cr.), E312 Arranging for Instrumental and Vocal Groups (2 cr.), E410 Topics in Music Education and Pedagogy (3 cr.), E470 Pedagogy of Jazz (2 cr.), E481 Methods & Materials for Teaching Jazz (2 cr.), E494 Vocal Pedagogy (3 cr.), F466 Techniques in Marching Bands (2 cr.), G371 Choral Conducting I (2 cr.), or G373 Instrumental Conducting (2 cr.). Only one conducting course in addition to G370 may count towards the minor.

See Undergraduate Advising for more information.