Department of Music Education

Music and Mind Lab

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Under the direction of Dr. Peter Miksza and Dr. Frank Diaz, the goal  Music and Mind Lab Emblemof this collaborative group is to pursue interdisciplinary investigations of music and mind. We aim to conduct research that brings members of the Jacobs School of Music together with members of the greater IU community. Accordingly, members of our lab hail from many programs: music education, music theory, musicology, music performance, cognitive science, psychological and brain sciences, telecommunications, etc. Together, we will draw from our specialized training as musicians, music theorists, educators, and scientists to investigate the role of music in the human condition, broadly construed.

General Research Topics of Interest (neither a definitive nor exclusive list)

  • Music perception and cognition
  • Psychological dimensions of music teaching and learning
  • Musical expertise
  • Musical skill acquisition and practicing
  • Self-regulated learning
  • Emotion and music
  • Motivation for music learning

Opportunities for Students

Interested students are able to participate as investigators or contributors. Investigators will typically come to the lab with some prior experience in empirical research. Investigators are expected to co-design, propose, and lead projects. Contributors will primarily serve support roles. Contributors are expected to participate in weekly meetings and discussions, and they will help to manage projects and collect data. Through their participation, contributors can gain the experience necessary to be investigators in future projects. A complete description of desirable characteristics for prospective lab members is linked HERE.