Music Theory

Music Fundamentals Online

The web pages linked below include information about policies involving Music Fundamentals Online, T109, and ways of satisfying the prerequisites for T151.

  • General information about Music Fundamentals Online: The content and organization of the Music Fundamentals Online (MFO) software are described on this page.

  • Prerequisites for T151: MFO is the preferred way for Indiana University students to satisfy the prerequisites for T151 (Music Theory and Literature I), but these prerequisites may also be satisfied in other ways. This page summarizes the options.

  • MFO in the summer: IU students (including incoming freshmen in the Jacobs School of Music) who wish to take T151 in the fall semester may complete MFO during the summer. This page provides current information about MFO in the summer, including deadline dates.

  • T109: T109 (Rudiments of Music) is an alternative to MFO for satisfying the prerequisites to T151. T109 is also taken by many non-music majors at IU as an introduction to the fundamentals of music theory. T109 is offered in traditional classroom sections and online. This page provides information about T109, including upcoming dates of required informational meetings and exams in the online class.

  • Frequently asked questions: Many common questions about MFO, T151 prerequisites, T109, and related topics are answered on this page.