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Musicology Department support for student travel

The Musicology Department is pleased to support student travel for research and presentations at conferences. The A. Peter Brown Fund, funded through the generosity of the late Professor Brown’s family, supports graduate student travel for dissertation or other research. The Musicology Fund was established by the faculty and is funded by donations from faculty, former students, and other friends of the Department; among other things, it supports graduate student travel to conferences to present papers. Additional funds may be available from other endowments. There is a single application form for all. Deadlines can be found here

General guidelines for applying for assistance

You must apply before you travel; requests after a trip unfortunately cannot be considered. 

Your research or conference presentation must be under the direct supervision of a faculty member in the Musicology Department. You must discuss your plans with a faculty advisor before you submit a proposal or plan a trip, and must share the text of a presentation with the advisor before delivering it. 

You must also apply for other assistance, including the Jacob School of Music’s travel funding. The Musicology Department is usually unable to fund the entire cost of a trip.

You must submit a proposal and budget when you apply, and full documentation of your expenses at the conclusion of your travel.

If you have questions, please ask the department administrator at

How to apply

Fill out a departmental Travel Assistance form. Include

--a brief explanation of what you will be doing, including a description of your research project or conference presentation;

--for a conference, a brochure or brief program;

--a budget; eligible expenses include airfare or other travel expense, car mileage, parking, local bus or taxi fare, hotel, and conference registration (no per diems);

--a list of the other sources of funding to which you are applying. If you are applying for conference travel you must also apply to the Jacobs School of Music’s Student Travel Committee. Normally, the JSoM Committee contributes funding for one trip per fiscal year. (Note that this committee does not support research travel.)

Before you travel

If the Department is able to support your work, you may be asked to complete some paperwork before you travel. Please monitor your e-mail account for further instructions.

After you return

Submit scanned receipts documenting your travel expenses to the department office. (Outside funding sources may require you to submit the originals. Credit card receipts are most effective for airfare and gas. Hotel and car rental often need both the original itemized invoice and evidence of credit card or other payment.)

Write a brief report for the department on your research or conference participation; send it by e-mail to

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