Orchestral Conducting


Graduate conducting students have a wide range of conducting opportunities at the Jacobs School of Music.

Conductors' Orchestra

In Spring semester, graduate conducting students work with the conductors' orchestra. This ensemble is made up of paid musicians and meets three times per week.

Jacobs School of Music Orchestras

Students are assigned as assistant conductors for every orchestral performance, giving them the opportunity to work with the large number of guest and faculty conductors who visit each semester. IU has six major orchestras:

Campus Orchestra

In addition to the six major orchestras, IU also has a non-major campus orchestra, conducted by a graduate student conductor. Click for More Information

Ad Hoc Orchestras

Each semester has eight "Ad Hoc" performances. Performances take place on Sunday afternoons, conducted by graduate students.

Graduate Recital

Each graduate conducting student will perform a graduate conducting recital, scheduled with a major university ensemble.

Graduate Conducting Associate Instructors

The instrumental conducting department maintains two graduate assistantships. Both pay full tuition plus a stipend:

  • Opera Assistant: Each year several students are given an opportunity to work with the Indiana University Opera Theater. 
Other Conducting Opportunities

With a school as large as the Jacobs School of Music, conducting opportunities are numerous. Conductors often work with composers and instrumentalists, performing in their recitals as well.