Percussion Department


The New East Studio Building

East Studio Building

The IU JSoM Percussion Department has moved into the new, 85,000 square-foot East Studio Building - located on the northeast corner of Third Street and Jordan Avenue.  The facility provides technologically and acoustically superior teaching and practice facilities to rival any music school or conservatory in the world.

In addition to 4 large faculty percussion studios, the percussion area also includes 4 dedicated teaching assistant offices/studios, 15 percussion practice rooms, and dedicated equipment storage. 

The Indiana University Jacobs School of Music includes five buildings located in the heart of the IU Bloomington campus. Music students have access to outstanding recital halls, more than 170 practice rooms, choral and instrumental rehearsal rooms, and more than 100 offices and studios. The grandest facility is the Musical Arts Center, which features technical capabilities that are among the best in the nation.

The IU Percussion Department's huge inventory includes:

Marimbas - 24 (Yamaha, Kori, Musser, Deagan, Adams, Malletech, Marimba One, DeMorrow)
Vibraphones - 15 (Deagan, Yamaha, Musser)
Xylophones - 16 (Musser, Yamaha, Deagan, Malletech, Adams)
Glockenspiels - 14 (Deagan, Fall Creek, Malletech, Musser, Leedy)
Timpani - 19 sets (Yamaha, Light, Yamaha, Ludwig, Ringer, Adams, Hinger, Goodman Chain)
Concert Snare Drums - 34 drums (Pearl, Ludwig, Aspen, Grover, Gladstone, Gretsch, Slingerland, Hinger, Rogers, Remo)
Concert Toms - 12 sets (Pearl, Yamaha, Ludwig)
Drum Sets - 28 sets (Yamaha, Gretsch, Ludwig, Slingerland, Pearl, DW, Remo, Tama)
Gongs - 70 various types
Crash Cymbals - 45 pairs
Suspended Cymbals - 140 of various types
Hi-Hats - 30 pairs of various types
Bongos - 18 sets (LP, Gon Bop)
Congas - 39 drums (LP, Gon Bop, Remo)
Timbales - 11 sets (LP, Remo, Ludwig)
Steel Drum - Merlin "Mutt" Gill pans with Panyard hardware
Afro-Cuban gear - vast amounts of various chekeres, blocks, cajons, bata, claves, guiros, shakers, maracas, bongos, timbales, and congas
Brazilian gear - surdos, malacachetas, agogo bells, repiniques, caixas, tamborims, pandeiros, chocalhos, cuicas, timbal (Contemporanea, Gope, Remo)
Concert Percussion gear - full complement of triangles, woodblocks, temple blocks, tambourines, slapsticks, ratchets, log drums, cowbells, sleigh bells, vibraslaps, wind chimes, sound effects, bass drum beaters, gong beaters, chime mallets, etc...

Percussion Faculty Studios

Faculty Studios

Tafoya Faculty Studio

Houghton Studio

Our Percussion Faculty Studios include state of the art acoustics along with the latest in video conferencing technology.

Associate Instructor Studios

AI Studio Hallway

AI Studio and Storage

Our 4 Associate Instructors now enjoy spacious (and acoustically treated) studios located across the hall from the percussion faculty studios. There is also dedicated percussion storage as well.

Practice Rooms and Personal Storage

Practice Room Hallway

Practice Rooms

The IU Percussion Department has 15 dedicated practice rooms (timpani, mallet, multiple percussion, drum set, and world percussion) which are located in the new East Studio Building.

Lounge and Lockers

Our students also enjoy 2 lounge areas and large lockers to store their personal equipment.

Rehearsal Rooms

Class Rooms and Rehearsal Rooms

MA401 - The Richard Johnson Rehearsal Studio               MA404 - Rehearsal Room
Class Rooms and Rehearsal Rooms
MA452 - Rehearsal Room                                               MA 454 - Rehearsal Room

Class Rooms and Rehearsal Rooms

Musical Arts Center (MAC) Rehearsal Rooms                                       Percussion Storage

Performance Venues

IU Musical Arts Center

 Musical Arts Center (MAC)

Ford-Crawford Hall

Ford-Crawford Hall

Recital Hall

Recital Hall

More information on these performance venues can be found at: