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Georgina Joshi

The Georgina Joshi Graduate Fellowship

Through the generosity of the Georgina Joshi Foundation, the Joshi family has established the Georgina Joshi Graduate Fellowship, which creates a unique opportunity for an Indiana University Jacobs School of Music (JSOM) voice student to study at the school for a period of one year.


The Graduate Fellowship will pay for tuition, fees, books, supplies, living and local travel expenses, and other costs related to studying and living in Bloomington. This may include participating in cultural experiences, private coaching, travel and related expenses of auditioning, and other activities that would lead to the successful beginning of a professional singing career. The Fellowship is renewable for one (1) year. Renewal will be approved by the Jacobs School.


To be eligible for consideration for the award, a student must be enrolled at the IU Jacobs School of Music in a graduate voice degree or diploma program at the time of application. Students in good standing after one semester (or more) of graduate study at the Jacobs School will be eligible to apply for a Fellowship. The applicant must have at least one year of financial aid eligibility remaining.   
It is the wish of the Joshi family that the recipient possess intellectual curiosity about music and the humanities in general, superior musical and vocal talent, and importantly, a warm and generous personality - in short, a singer whose life and outlook embodies the characteristics for which Georgina Joshi was known and admired, and that the recipient of the Fellowship embody the following characteristics, known as "Georgina's Path":

  • Enjoys the collaborative process in making music. This includes working with pianists, instrumentalists, composers, and other singers.
  • Enjoys performing a wide variety of musical styles: early music, contemporary music, chamber music, oratorio, song, opera, and Broadway in a variety of settings; the opera stage, recital halls, small ensemble, choirs, and intimate soirées.
  • Seeks to help music school students with their studies and preparations for recitals and concerts, and Indiana University students in general.
  • Enjoys mentoring younger students.
  • Understands the importance of mastering foreign languages and learning the history of music and heritage of composers.
  • Exhibits intellectual curiosity in the classroom and attends class enthusiastically.
  • Auditions for additional opportunities to perform as a soloist with choirs and ensembles, to sing in guest master classes, and to participate in special events at the Jacobs School of Music.
  • Understands the value of exposure to all forms of culture and the arts, and takes the initiative to attend exhibits, performances, and festival events.
  • Is comfortable interacting with teachers, administrators, and fellow students.
  • Recognizes the significance of the Georgina Joshi Graduate Fellowship and takes pride and pleasure in the award.
  • Takes time to learn about Georgina Joshi through conversations with those who knew her, by reading what has been written about her, and by listening to her recordings.
  • Shows the ability and desire to succeed.
  • Demonstrates a generosity of expression and a true joy in singing.
  • Is familiar with Georgina's life and recordings, which are here

CLICK HERE to watch a conversation with Jamie Barton about her close friendship with Georgina.  

CLICK HERE to watch a conversation with Georgina’s London friends.  

Image of room watching conversation with Georgina's London friends.

Application Process

First Round

1.  Complete the application form found here. Title this document YOURNAME - APPLICATION.

2.  Write a personal essay of at least six pages about your life in music, your career aspirations, what being a musician means to you, your experiences at the Jacobs School of Music, and how continued study at IU will benefit you.  This essay should not be a reiteration of the accomplishments listed in your CV.  Instead, carefully consider the criteria above, and write about how these values are reflected in your life, remembering that the essay should acquaint the selection committee with you, the person, and your interests and passions beyond music, since the Fellowship is about more than vocal accomplishment.  Title this document YOURNAME - ESSAY

3.  Update your CV. Title this document YOURNAME – CV

4.  Write a short program bio, similar to the short bios in the IU Opera Theater programs, but, which is a bit more personal, and introduces you as a person as well as a musician. Title this document YOURNAME - BIO.

5.  Make certain that all documents are titled exactly as requested here.  When your application is complete, email Professor Hart maahart@indiana.edu saying that you wish to apply.  She will send a link for you to upload your materials into BOX. All files will be secure – only reviewers will have access to them.

All materials must be received by Friday, March 23 at midnight.

Selection Process

The committee will review the applications, and select up to six candidates to advance to the Final Round.  The finalists will be announced on or about Tuesday, April 8.
The Final Round will take place on Sunday, April 14 from 3-5pm at Meadowood Retirement Community.  In a public concert, each finalist will sing two of the four selections listed on their application, one chosen by you, and one chosen by the committee. Please be certain that both you and your pianist can be available that day!