Chamber Percussion Ensembles

percussion ensembleThe IU chamber percussion ensembles [MUS-F447 for undergraduate (1 credit) and MUS-547 (1 credit) graduate percussion majors] cultivate sensitive chamber music skills and investigate and employ the appropriate styles and performance techniques on all percussion instruments. An Afro-Cuban Ensemble, under the direction of Michael Spiro, is offered in the Fall semesters.  Brazilian and Steel Pan Ensembles are offered in the Spring semesters.

The IU Percussion Ensemble (available both semesters) performs a balance of historically relevant repertoire and contemporary works. The IU percussion ensemble performs 2 concerts each semester and has been featured in various off-campus events.


John Tafoya


Kevin Bobo

Meeting Times

Tuesday & Thursdays,  12:15-2:15 p.m.

"Always amazing to watch while attending a concert by the IU Percussion Ensemble is the dexterity that its members exhibit, the dexterity along with the command they have over a vast array of instruments."
"That, in fact, is an always-there reward for coming to a Percussion Ensemble concert. The musicians are excellent. They are versatile, and they combine, from composition to composition, into constantly shifting configurations, somehow always managing to end up handling their chosen music like seasoned chamber music pros. Yes, chamber music pros.."
- Peter Jacobi, The Herald Times