Business Affairs

Travel Information

How to Initiate a Trip for Faculty, Staff, or Student Group Travel:
  • Before you go, email the following information to Stephanie Gott at
    • Trip dates
    • Destination
    • Purpose of trip
    • Account # to be charged (Research Account Number, Department Account, or Awarded travel funds by department or Faculty Travel Committee)
    • Any limit on the amount you see to fund for this trip.
    • Airfare and some hotesl can be direct paid by IU; please let us know if you would like us to make arrangements on your behalf, for direct billing.
  • After you return, send receipts via campus mail to Stephanie Gott at JSOM, Music Practice Building, Room 126


If you are Faculty Sponsor for an Individual Student for Travelling for a Conference, Performance Function or Dissertation Research:
  • Email the following information to Stephanie Gott at
    • Student Name
    • Student ID# (begins with 0 or 2)
    • Purpose of trip / whiy you are funding the trip
    • Account number and amount to be awarded
    • Travel money will be applied to the student's Bursar account and will be refunded to the student upon request
    • Questions about their refund: contact the Bursar's Office at (812) 855-6500
How to Invite a Guest; Pay Honorarium; and/or Travel for a Master Class, Performance, or Lecture:
  • Email the following information to
    • NEPRF—Non Employee Payment Request Form
      • Must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to guest arrival date
    • Once the NEPRF has been received, Stephanie will contact the guest directly for additional details; she will copy you on this correspondence.
    • The Business office will send the contract and obtain the Purchase Order for the honorarium payment
    • The Business office will arrange the hotel, limo, and flight, if needed (please note this on the NEPRF)
    • The Business office will collect receipts and process the reimbursement to the traveler.

*All instructions for non-employee guests above are standard procedure for both domestic and international guests. Visa types for international guests will be verified to ensure compliance with immigration and tax law as well as Indiana University Policy.

    • Please list the visa type for any international visitors on the NEPRF
    • Do not obtain passport, visa, or SSN information from your guests.
      • If any additional forms or information is needed in order to process international payments, Stephanie will contact the guest directly with the required forms.
    • For more information on passports and visas, please click
Important Reminders:
  • Receipts for travel reimbursement must be received and processed within 60 days upon return of the trip. If receipts are received and processed between 60-120 days, the reimbursement will be processed as income and are taxable to the recipient.

 *****Note: Any receipts submitted after 120 days will not be reimbursed*****

Questions or Concerns?
  • Contact Travel and Guest Contract Coordinator, Stephanie Gott at or (812) 855-6000
  • Jacobs School of Music Travel is located in the Business Affairs Office, Room 126 of the Music Practice Building 1024 E. Third Street, Bloomington, IN 47405